The 7 Best Shampoo Subscriptions of 2021

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Best Shampoo Subscriptions

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There's nothing more annoying than turning on the hot water, hopping in the shower, and realizing you've run out of your favorite shampoo. But, not to worry: A shampoo subscription can easily eliminate that dilemma. 

Whether you want a shampoo formula that’s been customized to your strands, or you simply want your favorite product delivered to your door, there are a variety of options available to you. Depending on whether you have fine, thick, or color-treated hair, you'll likely want a product catered to your needs. It's also important to consider your budget, depending on whether you're looking for store brands or higher-end products. Plus, your hair length and texture will likely determine how often you’ll need to refill your favorite hair products, so that’s something to keep in mind when choosing which subscription is right for you.  

For shower-fresh, shiny hair without having to leave your house, look no further than these best shampoo subscriptions available. 

The 7 Best Shampoo Subscriptions of 2021

Best Overall: Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty

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With Function of Beauty, you start by completing an online quiz that covers topics, such as hair type, hair goals, and the kinds of fragrances you like.

You can opt to receive a silicone- or fragrance-free formula (all concoctions are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from parabens and sulfates), plus, you can add your name to the bottle.

Function of Beauty will then recommend a custom shampoo and conditioner that you can buy in various sizes. What’s genius is that if you run out of either shampoo or conditioner first, you can opt to receive a larger bottle of the one that is always empty.

There is also an option to add a custom serum, hair mask, or leave-in treatment to your order. Finally, you can choose to receive your subscription every month, three months, six months, or as a one-off. You can cancel or edit your subscription at any time, and you can opt-out of receiving the reusable pumps on future orders to minimize plastic waste. Pricing for custom shampoo and conditioner sets ranges between $40 and $50.

Also, Kim Kardashian is already a fan of this brand, so it has the A-list seal of approval.

Best for Sustainability: Plaine Products

Plaine Products

Plaine Products

If you’re looking for a sustainable shampoo subscription, Plaine should be on your radar.

It offers two shampoos designed for all hair types: Simply choose between Citrus Lavender or Rosemary Mint Vanilla. Plaine also stocks conditioners and various body products that are all vegan, baby-safe, Leaping Bunny-certified, and free from parabens and palm oil.

With Plaine, you can subscribe to receive your products every two, three, four, or six months, and you’ll save 10% off your orders. Each bottle of shampoo and conditioner costs around $30 each.

Unlike other services, Plaine takes back your empty bottles so they can be reused. Remove the pump from your empty shampoo, pop it in the new bottle, rinse the old one, and send it back to Plaine in the box that came with your subscription order.

Best for Curls: FORM

Form Beauty

Form Beauty

Formulated for curls, twists, and coils, FORM has two shampoos to choose from—Cleanse., a gentle shampoo, and Clarify., a detox shampoo. There are conditioners and a host of styling products to choose from, too.

You can buy FORM products as a one-off or save 5% by having them auto-shipped every four weeks or bi-monthly. Pricing starts at around $22 and increases from there.

Another benefit to buying from FORM is that its products are crafted without a long list of controversial ingredients, like talc, lanolin, and phenol. (You can see the full list here).

Want hairstyling inspiration? FORM even has a section on its website called Signature Styles where it shares hair how-to videos. 

Most Chic: Prose



Prose has a pretty in-depth quiz, with an algorithm that collects information about your age, hair type, lifestyle, and goals. It even takes into consideration the weather in your area and how it could affect your strands.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you’re told which ingredients are being funneled into your formula (such as plant collagen or bamboo charcoal) and why. At the end of the process, you'll get a custom recommendation that includes a pre-shampoo mask, shampoo, and conditioner.

You can buy some or all of the products as a one-off, or subscribe to get up to four of each item delivered every one, two, or three months. There is also the option to add other styling products to your order, like curl cream and hair oil. Pricing for shampoos starts at around $25.

Prose’s products look incredibly chic, you’ll want to show these off in your bathroom. Plus, all the formulas are sulfate, paragon, and cruelty-free. If you're not a fan of silicones or fragrance, you can have them removed from your custom blends.

Most Unique: Hairstory



Hairstory is asking its customers to rethink everything they thought they knew about shampoo. A shampoo and conditioner in one, Hairstory cleanses your strands without stripping them and leaves your tresses sufficiently nourished.

The original suits most hair types, the New Wash (Deep) prevents any oil build-up on fine hair or can act as a clarifying shampoo, while New Wash (Rich) is extra conditioning for dry or coarse hair. Each New Wash is scented with rose, ylang-ylang, and clove essential oils. You can buy them as a one-off purchase, or subscribe to the New Wash Club.

Join the club and you get a 20oz pouch of New Wash, plus, with your first delivery, you'll get a 20oz aluminum canister and 3oz travel bottle. All you have to do is decide how often you receive your refill pouches. Pricing for subscriptions ranges from about $40 to $144.

Enrolling in the service reduces your carbon footprint by 83% and your waste packaging by 76%. Not to mention, you’ll save time having distilled your in-shower hair routine down to one easy-to-use product. 

Best for Store Brands: Amazon



Did you know that, via Amazon, you can subscribe to get shampoo delivered automatically to your door? Brands including Living Proof, Pureology, Aveeno, and L'Oréal Paris all offer the service.

Now, you don’t need to remember to shop for shampoo at the store. If you subscribe via Amazon you can save up to 15% on auto-deliveries. You can select to have top-ups sent every month, every two months, and right up to every six months.

Amazon is ideal if you're looking for quick, regular deliveries and have a store brand in mind that you use regularly. Plus, in terms of pricing, subscribing via Amazon will make sure you stay in-line with your budget.

Best for Hair-Thinning: Evolis



Founded by scientist Maria Halasz, évolis tackles hair-thinning, something Halasz personally experienced in her forties. According to their website, évolis works by utilizing technology that helps hair stay in a growth phase for longer than usual by blocking a protein called FGF5 (a major regulator of the growth cycle), all using naturally sourced ingredients.

To get the best results, you should use the three-step system comprising of the Promote Activator, Promote Shampoo, and Promote Conditioner. There is also a mask and a dry shampoo you can buy if you prefer, but purchasing the system is a better value than buying the products individually.

Whatever you decide, you can subscribe and get the products delivered every four weeks, every other month, or every quarter. It’s well-worth subscribing as you get a 25% discount. Shampoo prices start at around $28.

What Are Shampoo Subscriptions?

Shampoo subscriptions make endlessly browsing the aisles of your local drugstore for the perfect shampoo a thing of the past. With today’s shampoo subscriptions, you can have your favorite shampoo delivered right to your door or have a shampoo formula customized for your hair type. 

How Much Do Shampoo Subscriptions Cost?

Whether you want to splurge or keep things affordable, there is a shampoo subscription that will work with your budget. The cost of shampoo subscriptions ranges from about $22 to $144.

How Often Can I Receive a Shampoo Refill?

With most shampoo subscriptions, you have the option to choose how often you’d like to receive a shampoo refill. Most brands will allow you to restock your shampoo supply every month, three months, or six months. 

What Are the Benefits of a Shampoo Subscription?

Beyond never having to worry about running out of shampoo again, the beauty of shampoo subscriptions is that they are customizable. With companies like Function of Beauty and Prose, you can tailor your shampoo’s formula to meet your hair’s needs. 

Can I Sample the Shampoo Before I Subscribe? 

Most shampoo subscription companies do not offer samples. Instead, many companies offer a 30-day return and refund policy. Function of Beauty offers a free one-time reformulation within 30 days of the receipt of your first order if you are not satisfied.

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