Need to Have It: The One by Frédéric Fekkai

Updated 01/03/18
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We beauty editors can be a bit commitment-phobic when it comes to the products we use—after all, we have so many serums, lipsticks, hair sprays, and face masks rolling around our desks that you can’t blame us for playing the field from time to time. We’ve been known to embark on a whirlwind romance with an impressive new shampoo that lasts for a few months before we start to realize we’re just not a match. And yes, there will be fun flings with perfectly nice conditioners that in the end can’t give us what we need.

But when a product actually makes a permanent home on our vanities (or showers), you know things are getting serious. Case in point? Frédéric Fekkai’s The One collection, aka the new luxe line from the established salon.

Keep reading to see why we’ve finally taken the plunge and embraced the iconic brand’s latest line.

The hair knows what the hair wants, or so they say. Okay, maybe we’re fudging that one a little, but it’s true—what works for one head of hair doesn’t always work for another. Which is why Frédéric Fekkai launched a haircare line aimed at meeting our unique needs. There’s a One designed for every hair type: The Universal One for every day; The Brilliant One for color-treated hair; The Ultimate One to restore damaged strands; and The Tamed One for frizz control. Simply choose the shampoo and conditioner duo that aligns with your hair concerns (or any of the accompanying styling products that include a repair spray, dry shampoo, super-convenient, travel-size doses of creme and more).

I’ll be using the Brilliant One on my own bottle-blonde locks, thank you very much.

Inspired by the transformative power of the sea, the collection is formulated with an exclusive marine complex that includes Norwegian sea extract and is infused with environmental protectors that help combat the effects of pollution. Each nutrient-rich, high-performance product has its own hero ingredient—from Red Sea algae to French sea heather—but they all have one lovely thing in common: a soothing scent that evokes the Mediterranean. Your hair will also be appreciative of what they don’t contain—no harsh, stripping sulfates or parabens here.

Bonus: The jewel-tone bottles are ultra chic.

Shop The One at Ulta Beauty nationwide and in Frédéric Fekkai salons.

If you need us, we’ll be over here waiting to hear your haircare-related meet-cute.



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