10 of the Best Shampoos for Fine Hair for an Instant Volume Boost



We all lust after luscious locks. Hairstyles that turn heads turn up the volume—literally. But for girls of certain hair textures (specifically fine and thin), Hollywood-worthy results are harder to come by than they are for our thicker-haired counterparts. Any girl with thin hair knows that achieving blowout body takes a little more work for their thinner tresses, but luckily, an array of shampoos for fine hair exist for amplified strands.

While you can spritz and spray a laundry list of topical remedies in an effort to achieve the volume you're after, real, lasting body begins with how you wash your mane before you begin piling on the products. The market is full of shampoos that promise to boost body and amp up hair's volume, but which actually give you a lot of bang (and body) for your buck? To streamline your shopping, we've rounded up our top performers so you can get to living life with luscious locks. Keep scrolling to see the best shampoos for fine hair.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.