Serum Foundations Are All We Want to Wear Right Now

Serums, anti-aging treatments, sunscreens, cleansers, toners, foundations—your skincare routine has more layers than a Pinterest-worthy wedding cake (but really). Of course, this might feel perfectly fine during the doldrums of wintertime when we have nothing better to do than apply coat after coat of our favorite skin elixirs, but when it's summer, ehhh not so much. (The enchanting sun and lush warm temperatures just beckon us!) Plus, all that extra poundage just feels miserable on top of our complexions—especially if you're one of the lucky ones with zero or horridly circulating (raising hand) AC. Alas, it's a conundrum—how does one begin to choose which skincare and makeup products take priority? Especially when it comes to our favorite must-haves like serums and foundations. But wait—we don't have to. Enter serum foundations. Ever heard of them?

For a long time, neither had we, but if you strategically switch to a serum foundation, you can have a minimalist routine with maximal benefits. Serum foundations hydrate, protect, and repair skin while providing flawless coverage. (Most of them are forgivingly buildable—a true godsend for summer.) So if you're one who loves BB cream but simultaneously craves some multitasking, skin-perfecting oomph, then serum foundation just might be exactly what the dermatologist ordered this season (or perhaps your favorite Byrdie editor). Keep scrolling for 10 must-try-ASAP serum foundations we've vetted ourselves.