12 Sequin Dresses That Will Have All Eyes on You

With picks from Marques' Almeida, Banana Republic, and more.

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Best Sequin Dresses

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The notion of a sequin dress carries with it a certain je ne sais quoi that few other styles hold. Its delicate, light-catching, head-turning material feels special and festive, whether you’re wearing a mini-shift dress or an ultra-styled gown. You can slip into the former with a pair of low-top sneakers for a cheeky look or dress up the latter with a pair of sky-high heels for a black-tie affair. But one thing is certain: all eyes will be on you.

However, not all sequin dresses are created equal, so we enlisted the help of some fashion experts to help you navigate your shopping journey. Their insights shed a lot of light on the best silhouettes for each occasion, fabrication pros and cons, how exactly to care for a sequin dress of any kind, and more. 

Best Overall

Marques’ Almeida Sequined Tulle Maxi Dress

Marques’ Almeida Sequined Tulle Maxi Dress


If you shop for one sequin dress this year, make it this one. Perhaps you can consider it the little black dress of sequin styles, even if it isn’t black at all. With a silver tone, you can mix and match layers and accessories with ease, making it feel new and different with each wear. And, with an ankle-length silhouette and tank neckline, you can wear it effortlessly for all twelve months of the year. While it’s certainly not the most cost-effective sequin dress on the market, it’s far from the most expensive, and more versatile than most, as it’s something that you can wear relatively often and for a long time—that makes it well worth the price.

Price at time of publish: $955

Sizes: 4–16 | Care: Hand wash

Best Budget

Banana Republic Petite Teia Sequin Maxi Dress

Banana Republic Teia Sequin Maxi Dress

Banana Republic

Look to Banana Republic for the Americana version of the sequin dress. The maxi features a straight silhouette, removable spaghetti straps, and large paillettes that help to make this LBD feel fresh. For $150 on sale, we think it’s a great value, as most sequin dresses are well over $250—you can style just as easily for a garden wedding as you can for a disco party, which over time could bring down your cost per wear to pennies.

Price at time of publish: $152

Sizes: 00–14  petite sizing | Care: Hand wash or dry clean

Best Midi

La DoubleJ Supremes Swing Dress

La Double J Supremes Swing Dress


This sequin dress has all the markings of a true ’70s disco look. Designed by vintage-inspired label La DoubleJ, the silver long-sleeve midi dress features bursts of rainbow hues that add a whimsical charm to an otherwise sleek look. We love that it’s made of lightweight mesh, so you can even wear it on a cool summer evening. With a classic black or silver heeled sandal, you’re good to go—no other accessories necessary.

Price at time of publish: $1,275

Sizes: XS–L | Care: Dry clean

Best Mini

Alexis Zaire Sequin Feather-Hem Mini Dress

Alexis Zaire Sequin Feather-Hem Mini Dress

Neiman Marcus

The subtle rainbow of sequins and pink feathered trim give off a 1920s vibe on an early-aughts-favorite silhouette. The best part is, as statement-making as this dress is, its shift silhouette and tank shape make it a true throw-on-and-go. As such, the ease of this gorgeous sequin dress is not-to-be-missed

Price at time of publish: $1,920

Sizes: XS–XL | Care: Dry clean

Best Maxi

Khaite Carina Sequin Plunge Neck Maxi Dress

Khaite Carina Sequin Plunge Neck Maxi Dress


While you might not at first think of designer Khaite when it comes to sequin dresses, the brand has turned sequin maxi dresses to the next elegant level with an ultra-classic silhouette that is more often than not saved for minimalism ‘90s-era Calvin Klein dresses and the like. Covered in bright white sequins, this floor-grazing gown features a deep V neckline and ultra-thin spaghetti straps that crisscross the back with effortless elegance.

Price at time of publish: $2,800

Sizes: 0–12 | Care: Dry clean

Best Wedding Guest

Staud Mini Ilana Dress in Emerald Sequins

Staud Mini Ilana Dress


You’ll love this sequin dress as a wedding guest for its fun and flirty nature, while still feeling appropriate for the ceremony part of the wedding as well. With a mock turtleneck, short sleeves, and shift silhouette, this mini dress is quite tailored and sophisticated—especially when you add the satin bow that cascades down your back. But, with a mini length that’s perfect for dancing the night away once the vows have been said, and—of course—the shimmering sequins that are perfect for an after-hours party, Staud has crafted the perfect sequin look for your next wedding invitation.

Price at time of publish: $395

Sizes: XS–XL | Care: Dry clean

Best One-Shoulder

Rixo Bradshaw One-Shoulder Ombré Sequined Crepe Maxi Dress

Rixo Bradshaw One-Shoulder Ombré Sequined Crepe Maxi Dress


If you’re going to go for a one-shoulder silhouette, you might as well make it count. The easiest way to do that? With a sleeve. This dramatic midi dress is fit for a black-tie affair with a single blouson sleeve on the left and a completely bare arm on the right. With an ombré of navy hues, RIXO ensures that this look is anything but conservative, accented by two-leg slits that allow the dress to move as you move—or, perhaps, as you dance. Inspired by its namesake, Carrie Bradshaw, you will practically feel the wind through your hair as you picture yourself running through the streets of New York City in heels as she does on the regular. 

Price at time of publish: $580

Sizes: UK6–UK18 | Care: Dry clean

Best Strapless

Retrofête Torin Strapless Feather-Trimmed Sequined Crepe Mini Dress

Retrofête Torin Strapless Feather-Trimmed Sequined Crepe Mini Dress


When sequins aren’t enough, add a bit of feathered flair. For a truly statement-making look, consider this strapless sequin mini dress that not only boasts an all-over light-catching material but also a soft feathered bodice. Its silhouette is simple, allowing for all of the eye-catching details to stand alone. While this look is certainly one for a festive occasion, you’ll need little more than some simple jewelry and heels to truly look your best.

Price at time of publish: $695

Sizes: XXS–XL | Care: Dry clean

Best Super-Splurge

Oscar de la Renta Floral Applique Puff-Sleeve Mini Dress

Oscar de la Renta Floral Applique Puff-Sleeve Mini Dress

Bergdorf Goodman

At almost $7,000, this Oscar de la Renta sequin mini dress is a splurge, to be sure. But, if you’re going to go big, it should be worth it. With a semi-sheer overlay, this dress is fully lined to give the illusion of the red carpet-favorite naked dress without in fact showing off too much. The detailing on the top is not-to-be-matched, with a cutout floral pattern that’s crafted with colorful sequins that will ensure that all eyes are on you.

Price at time of publish: $6,990

Sizes: 2–12 | Care: Dry clean

Best Maternity

Pink Blush V-Neck Sequin Maternity Midi Dress

Pink Blush V-Neck Sequin Maternity Midi Dress

Pink Blush

After-hours events don’t stop just because you’re waiting for your little one to arrive. Indulge in a night of sequins just as you did before with this perfectly effortless midi slip dress. While you might feel more comfortable in chunky block heels instead of a sky-high stiletto, this sequin slip dress will do all the talking for you. The best part is, it’s post-bump friendly as well, meaning that not only will it accommodate your growing frame as you make your way through your pregnancy, but you can also wear it for a long time after without feeling as though you’re wearing maternity clothing.

Price at time of publish: $89

Sizes: S–L | Care: Hand wash

Best Tank

Lulus Force of Fashion Backless Sequin Mini Dress

Lulus Force of Fashion Backless Sequin Mini Dress


When it comes to your tank dress, keep it simple with this sequin slip dress for its classic spaghetti-strap silhouette. In the front, it features a modest V neckline. But, in the back, you’ll find an elegant low back with spaghetti strappy details. Shop this style in classic black, turquoise, black, or white for under $75.

Price at time of publish: $72

Sizes: XS–XL | Care: Hand wash

Best Cutout

Lovers and Friends Leighton Sequin Gown

Lovers and Friends Leighton Sequin Gown


If an allover sequin shine isn’t enough of a statement, shop this Lovers and Friends party-ready gown that also boasts dramatic side cutouts, an up-to-there slit, as well as a barely-there back. In pale pink, it looks almost ethereal, while the skin-baring details add a bit of edge.

Price at time of publish: $278

Sizes: XXS–XL | Care: Dry clean

Final Verdict

If you shop for a single sequin dress, make it the Marques’ Almeida Sequined Tulle Maxi Dress. With a transitional style that will not only take you through morning, noon, and night; it can also be worn effortlessly all year long. When it comes to more affordable options, Banana Republic’s Teia Sequin Maxi Dress is your best bet on a budget, while a responsible splurge will come by way of Retrofête’s Torin Strapless Feather-Trimmed Sequined Crepe Mini Dress, with feathered detail that will wow.

Meet the Expert

What to Look for When Buying Sequin Dresses


There’s no blanket fit to call out here; just choose the right sequin dress for you. “[Seek] a shape that you feel confident in and one that flatters,” says Rix. “Sequins can be full on, so you need to ensure you feel the best version of yourself when wearing your sequin dress.” (The brand's Bradshaw style offers the best of two necklines—you can show off your collar bone on one side and add a touch of drama with a billowing sleeve on the other.) Maguire suggests looking for a fit that includes a slip or lining, as well as “wearing an unlined sequin dress wouldn’t be very comfortable.”


Sequin dresses have various production processes. More expensive designer gowns, for example, will often feature hand-embroidered sequins that took hours upon hours to complete. Budget options, on the other hand, are often machine-made to save time and money. Though even in the latter case, Gopinath says, applying sequins, especially to a garment with stretch, isn't an easy process, as producers must account for how the sequins will lie (more on that later). It’s also the point where your budget choices may show the most. To keep costs down, the number of sequins per inch is sometimes minimized, leaving noticeable space between them when stretched. Low-cost fabrics are sometimes less durable and therefore can’t hold embroidered sequins, requiring the manufacturer to glue them instead. (This isn’t ideal, as glue bonds break down over time and may not be as easy for your local seamstress to mend.)

When sequinning a material with stretch, like a knit, “[it’s] stretched as the embroidery is done, so when the fabric is released from its tension or stretch, that’s when you see how close or how far apart the sequins will be,” she explains. And, to make it even more complicated in terms of wear, “if it’s a tight-fitting garment, and it has stretch in it, then you know it’s going to open up and stretch again, so those things are kept in mind when the sequins are applied. You don’t want it too spaced out when it takes the shape of the body.”

There is a reason that knit backings are often used in sequin dresses, however. They add comfort and breathability, Tseng points out. But if the stretch isn’t of utmost importance to you, there are other fabrics to consider. “Tulle may have little to medium stretch, whereas chiffon and organza typically do not,” Tseng says.

  • How do you care for a sequin dress?

    In a word: carefully. “You should be really careful with sequins, and always look after your special pieces of clothing so you can keep them forever,” says Rix. “When I store sequined dresses, I make sure to put them in garment bags and more often than not, fold them rather than hang them.”

    And when it comes to cleaning your sequin dress, the washing machine, and namely, a warm cycle, shouldn’t be your go-to.  “The sequins are usually made of plastic, and plastic will melt with heat,” Gopinath explains. What’s more, “If the [underlying] fabric is a synthetic like polyester—which it most often is—or nylon, those fabrics are also thermoplastic, meaning that they do not tolerate a high amount of heat.” Her recommended solution? Spot cleaning or dry cleaning, as these processes won’t risk damage to your garment. In some cases, hand washing may be appropriate; just read the garment’s care instructions to be sure.

  • How do you style a sequin dress?

    While many might opt to dress down a sequin mini dress with a pair of sneakers for an off-duty day, Rix shares that she “[saves] sequins for a big event.” Her muse for those after-hours looks? Kate Moss. “She’s our ultimate RIXO muse and has worn some beautiful sequined pieces over the years, particularly in the ’90s,” she says.

    Whether for day or night, Maguire opts for short, always. “I’m such a fan of sequin minis,” she shares, adding, “They can be styled in so many different ways. Pair your dress with your favorite flats or sneakers to make the look more casual, or opt to style it over sheer tights and a pair of platform sandals for a more elevated look.”

  • What is the difference between a sequin and a paillette?

    These may seem like interchangeable terms, but there are subtle differences between a smaller sequin and a larger paillette. “Sequins typically have a hole in the center and are sewn flat. Paillettes are distinguished by their circular, large flat discs that have a hole towards the edge and are designed to dangle and move,” Tseng explains. And while they might seem like a purely aesthetic choice at the time of purchase, there’s an element of practicality to consider, too, she points out. “Unfortunately, since sequins and paillettes are only sewn on, clothing with them needs extra care and upkeep and you may lose parts over time from wear and tear. Sequins falling off might not be as visible as lost paillettes because sequined clothing often has a bigger amount and is more scattered.”

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