These Were the 11 Best-Selling Beauty Products at Target in 2017

We don't look forward to running errands... unless the running of those errands primarily takes place at Target. Sure, we're really there to stock up on household supplies for cleaning and cooking, but no matter how pressed for time we are, we're always sure to stop by the beauty section.

The drugstore hair, makeup, and skincare mecca hosts some amazing brands and products, including those made with natural, organic, and/or cruelty-free ingredients (think of brands like Well People, Burt's Bees, Pacifica, S.W. Basics, La Roche-Posay, Fig + Yarrow, and more). It's essentially the Sephora of drugstore beauty. And just like the best-selling Sephora products tell us so much about product favorites and beauty trends, so do Target's best-selling items.

According to Glamour, Target released info on its 11 top-selling skincare items. A few old favorites made the list, as did new and innovative skincare products that were just introduced to Target's shelves earlier this year. Keep scrolling to see all 11 best-selling skincare products from 2017.