These Are the 15 Best-Selling Serums at Sephora Right Now

We firmly believe in the power of customer reviews. If hundreds of real people give a new product their seal of approval, that's the best indication that we will also end up giving it ours. Similarly, we pay close attention to best-selling products, because when something sells out time and again, we take that as a silent, albeit powerful, review. Clearly, the product works and it works well. 

That's why we've been delving deep into Sephora's review section, looking for the current best-selling products—namely serums, which are often one of the most expensive pieces of a beauty routine. And what better time to do this than on the cusp of winter, when our skin needs a little extra help and hydration to stay looking vibrant and healthy? Keep scrolling to see the 15 best-selling serums at Sephora right now.