5 Products That Sold Over One Million Units on QVC

When QVC comes to mind, do you think of sitting on the couch late at night, pint of Ben & Jerry's in hand, eyes glued to the television as product after product is demoed and subsequently sells out before you can take a bathroom break? Since its first broadcast selling a shower radio in 1986, the network has blossomed into much more than a home-shopping network: It's also a multi-billion-dollar company with a robust e-commerce presence and successful mobile app.

Part of the triumph of QVC can be attributed to its visual aspect. You're seeing in real time how clothes fit, how a skillet chars the perfect steak, and how beauty products transform the skin, faces, and hair of the on-air models. When Jamie Kern Lima, co-founder and CEO of It Cosmetics, went live on QVC for the first time to showcase how well her Bye Bye Under Eye concealer hides hyperpigmentation, dark circles, and blemishes on real women, it sold out in 10 minutes. Before-and-afters like these are part of the reason beauty is one of the company's top-selling categories.

Curious which other products sell out in a snap? We asked QVC to name a few of the items that sold over a million units over the course of several broadcasts. Below, the five best sellers.

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