The Most Popular Perfumes in America, by City

Like haircuts, colors, and lipstick shades, fragrance trends vary by region. Need proof? Fragrance subscription service Scentbird (for $15 per month, the company sends you a month’s supply of fragrance that allows you to try before you buy) analyzed data from its over 35,000 subscribers to see which perfumes are the most popular in major U.S. cities from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

Are they as predictable as Southern belles preferring floral and sweet gourmand fragrances and Pacific Northwest city-dwellers opting for earthy, woodsy scents? Or is the most popular perfume in your city something you’d never expect? We reached out Scentbird's CMO and co-founder, Rachel ten Brink, to give us the lowdown on fragrances from state to state. See which fragrance lands on your state below.