The Lipstick You Should Be Wearing, Based on Where You Live


WSJ Magazine

Now that you've taken a look at the most popular summer shades in L.A. and and New York, take a peek into the purchasing habits of those in other cities around the country. We find it wildly fascinating that beauty trends can be so different based on where you live.

Byrdie's news editor, Victoria, broke down the differences between the two places she's called home: "When I lived in NYC, it was totally kosher to go without makeup at the office (or anywhere, honestly). In fact, I feel like most people try to avoid looking too done. In terms of makeup, there's more of an emphasis on natural, bare-faced beauty. That being said, you're still expected to look put-together and polished. And then I moved to L.A., the land where people wear a full face of makeup to go hiking. (Not I.) It's almost a cliché—it's like everyone is walking around hoping to be discovered or become Instagram famous."

Interesting, right? We worked with Amazon Beauty to research and pin down the most sought-after lipstick formulas, colors, and companies in the U.S., and how they differ from city to city. It turns out Chicago natives love a dusty rose liquid lipstick while Austin residents go for a hydrating clear balm instead. Curious what the go-to is in your hometown?

Keep scrolling to find out and feel free to purchase away (that is, if you don't already own it). 

Which lipstick is your favorite? Do you think it lines up with where you live? Let us know in the comments below!