The 3 Lipsticks Every New York Girl Wears

Since we’ve already given you the rundown of every L.A. girl’s favorite lip colors, we figured it was only fair to deliver for New Yorkers as well. Because of that, and since I live in NYC, I was dying to know which shades to scout during my next beauty product haul (they happen often).

So our team called up our friends over at Amazon Beauty yet again—they’re basically on speed dial at this point—to get all the details for myself and our East Coast friends. After receiving the information, I personally bought all three. They’re that good. While Angelinos have been adding dusty rose and beige nudes to their cart ever since Kylie Jenner launched her now wildly successful Lip Kit, New Yorkers have been sticking to a palette of slightly moodier colors, just like their disposition.

Behold the three best-selling lipsticks in New York.