Meet the Hair Vitamin That Every UK Girl Is Obsessed With


Call us skeptical, but when it comes to a product that promises to deliver the results we've only ever dreamed of (i.e. Blake Lively–esque strands), we hesitate. And vitamins are no exception. Previously deemed a necessary component to any healthy, well-rounded diet, vitamins and their benefits have been under a shadow of scrutiny recently. Some experts say they're fairly useless, and others argue they're still essential for maintaining a healthy ecosytstem—especially when we've been letting our love for summer's ice cream cones and beach-appropriate cocktails have the upper hand in the majority of our diet dilemmas.

However, many of the experts still stand by the idea that hair vitamins can work. The key? Making it a routine and taking them on a regular basis. Which, to be honest, is half the battle since most brands transparently state you won't see results for at least a couple of months. And though models and celebrity hairstylists have told us their picks when it comes to healthy hair supplements, we'll always be intrigued when there's a buzzy product flying off the shelves—especially across the pond.

Enter, Hairburst—the UK girl's pick that quite literally sells every 60 seconds. Intrigued? So were we. As Harper's Bazaar UK reported, the brand performed clinical trials to prove that their nutrient-packed supplements were worth the hype and would actually yield results. According to the study, 90% of people noticed faster hair growth and shinier locks overall. Additionally, 97% said their hair felt thicker. But before you start throwing your money in the name of Rapunzel-like locks, it's important to know the brand failed to state how long the study was or how many people particiated—which, honestly, is a bit of a red flag.

Though these popular gummies are loaded with skin and hair heavy-hitters like biotin, selenium, zinc, B5, B6, and B12, we're not sure if they are truly more effective than a high-quality multivitamin or our picks for the best tried-and-true supplements. But considering the loyal following, we can't help our curiosity.

In short, don't expect dramatic, overnight results. However, if you want to supplement your diet and do as girls across the pond do, these might be the perfect solution. Plus, the strawberry and black currant flavor profiles sound downright divine.

Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins $26

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