This $20 Vitamin C Serum Is a Best Seller on Amazon

When you think of places to purchase skincare essentials from, it's likely that Ulta, Sephora, Target, and other similar traditional beauty retailers come to mind. It's also just as likely that you don't think of Amazon—even though you should. It may not garner as much attention as its rivals in the beauty department, but it's a treasure trove of quality skincare. There's the $17 body oil that remains the site's best-selling skincare product of the entire decade. And there's the under-the-radar eye gel that customers swear deflates puffiness and lightens the darkness associated with under-eye bags. (Those are just two of the many Amazon skincare scores.)

The site's newest standout product is brightening, hydrating, and antioxidant-rich. It's been quietly trending for weeks now and remains the site's best-selling facial serum. It's packed with vitamins C and E, and hyaluronic acid. The best part is that it won't break the bank. Where other serums' price points fall into triple digits, this one is surprisingly affordable—$20 per bottle.