The 6 Best-Selling Moisturizers on Amazon Are $19 and Under



We consider ourselves to be Amazon aficionados. After scouring the website for the best new beauty launches every month—not to mention staying up-to-date on the top-trending products—we feel totally and thoroughly comfortable putting our Prime accounts to good use...and that we do. (In fact, if we're being totally honest, ordering beauty products on Amazon has become as customary as grabbing a morning coffee, going for a jog, or maintaining a weekly brunch habit).

Today, as we were languidly scrolling through Amazon as we are wont to do, we noticed something rather interesting—that is, every single moisturizer that's currently trending on the site is of the drugstore variety. That's right, all 6 of the best-selling moisturizers on Amazon cost $19 or less; they'll hydrate your skin without costing you a pretty penny.