6 Editors Share Their Favorite Selfie-Editing Apps

To say that selfies have taken over our lives and our iPhone screens would be an understatement—and, whether or not that's questionable for our mental health, it's true. I'm also not going to argue that in order to be a positive, self-loving person you have to completely rid yourself of apps that help brighten, sharpen, and smooth your photos. If having a well-edited image will make you feel good, so be it. That being said, I'm not exactly on board with the overly airbrushed, unrealistic cyborg-like selfies that have very little basis in reality, either. 

So there has to be a middle ground, right? A way to keep your photos well-lit and still look like you. I asked a few women around the office to give up their best selfie app secrets, ones that don't take things too overboard. Below, find their best tips. 

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