11 Fake Tan Formulas Worth Shaving Your Legs For

Best Self Tanner Review

For the most part, the onset of summer is a joyous time in which we stow our coats and pack away our boots in favour of wrap dresses and leather slides. That said, stripping off the layers can potentially present problems of its own. If you're all about embracing the intentional neglect of every part of your body below the neck over winter (who can time for moisturising when there are Netflix marathons to be enjoyed?), the thought of wearing a skirt might now terrify you. 

Don't get us wrong, fair skin is beautiful, but if you feel like a hint of colour somehow boosts your confidence, a little self-tan is all you need. (Remember roasting in the sun for real = bad.) With so many tanning products on the market, making a decision can be near impossible and a little daunting. No-one wants orange palms or legs the colour of Doritos, so we've pulled together a roundup of editor-approved self-tanners we think you'll love. There's something for fair to deeper skin tones, lazy-beauty types, and even tan-o-holics. Take your pick, then exfoliate, grab your tanning mitt, and you'll be glowing in no time

Keep scrolling for the best self tanners on the market. 

By Terry Tea to Tan Face and Body $122

This luxe mist is more spray-on bronzer than actual fake tan, but there's no denying it leaves skin glowing, hydrated, and with a noticeable wash of colour. According to Moon Net on Mecca reviews, it won't stain clothes or sheets either. 

Eco Tan Invisible Tan $35

An editor fave, Eco Tan is one of the few natural self tanners on the market that stack up. Invisible Tan is formulated for medium to olive tones, and is as easy as applying moisturiser—just be sure to wash your hands after. 

James Read Express Bronzing Mousse $56

Leave this bronzing mousse on for one hour if you want a hint of colour, two for a little more, and three for a deeper bronze. Bonus: The three-hour developing time is perfect for last-minute soirees.

JBronze 1 Hour Rapid Tan Mousse Dark to Very Dark $35

If you need some serious colour in a pinch, grab the JBronze tanning mitt and get to work. This extra dark mousse has a violet base, meaning it looks most natural on medium to deeper skin tones. 

Kate Sommerville Body Self Tan Towlettes $70

If you're always travelling, always lazy, or always one of both, these might just change your life. Swipe all over face and body, and kick back while your tan develops into an even glow. 

Le Tan Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam $20

It's unfair to assume it's only fairer skin tones that use fake tan. Deeper, olive complexions often find tan with a green base yields the most natural result. This foam is just that, plus it's tinted, so application is a cinch. 

Sephora Collection Illuminating Bronzing Oil $22

If glossy, just-got-back-from-Capri style limbs are what you crave, pick up a bottle of this oil from Sephora. It gives skin a subtle sheen on its own but also amps up an existing fake tan. Amazing before an event where you want to impress. 

St.Tropez Gradual Tan Face Light to Medium $34

It's so important not to forget your face when it comes to self-tanning. This gradual formula from St. Tropez is great to use for a few days in the lead up to self-tanning, or as a little pick-me-up if your skin is looking dull.

The Base Gradual Tanning Lotion $41

Lara Worthington is the poster girl for a glowy complexion, so we'd be crazy to not give her gradual tanner a go. A layer every night is the easiest way to take the edge off winter skin before beach season commences. 

Vita Liberta Luxury Tan pHenomenal Lotion Medium $50

Serial tanners, take note—this tan is long lasting (we're talking two to three weeks). It's a tinted lotion, making it ideal for drier skins, and is said to adjust to your ideal shade depending on your skin's pH. 

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster $48

If the whole tanning process is too much for you, Clarins has you sorted. These genius drops magic your regular body moisturiser into faux glow. The recommended dose is four to six drops, depending on your desired depth. 

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