The 6 Best Self-Care Subscription Boxes to Help You Feel Like Your Best Self

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Slowing down and taking some time for yourself has become more important than ever. Sure, self-care isn’t all bubble baths and face masks (though it can be); it can also be as simple as stepping away from your phone and taking a walk around your neighborhood or grabbing a drink with a friend after a long day. While it manifests itself differently for each person, the objective remains the same: prioritizing your health, happiness, and overall well-being. 

And, since there’s a subscription box for pretty much everything these days, there are also ones that bring the act of self-care right to your front door. We’ve rounded up our top picks, which range in theme from spiritual alignment to mental health. Just think of them as your monthly reminder to take care of yourself.

The 6 Best Self-Care Subscription Boxes

Best Overall: TheraBox



Founded by California-based therapist Ting Ting Jiang, TheraBox puts an emphasis on understanding the workings of the brain, with the goal of learning how to rewire it. More specifically, it was created with a mission to boost joy and improve subscribers’ lives, all while making the act of self-care easy and accessible. 

With those points in mind, each box is curated by therapists and includes one researched activity meant to help you attain more peace—such as journaling, setting intentions, and brain-training exercises. It also includes six to eight wellness items (all of which include natural, organic ingredients) that range from hair scrubs and face masks to a full-size jar of multi-vitamins.  

Boxes cost about $31 to $35 per month, depending on how many months you sign up for. As the company emphasizes, "happiness is a practice," and this subscription box is a lovely reminder to exercise consistency.

Best for Bath Lovers: Bath Bevy

Bath Bevy

 Bath Bevy

Even if you consider yourself a shower person, it’s hard to argue against the relaxing benefits of a bath. It’s an indulgence that allows and, well, forces you to slow down and take some time for yourself. And, with the help of the subscription service Bath Bevy, bath lovers are able to elevate their me-time from average to spa-like. 

Each box is handpicked depending on the theme of the month (i.e. March’s “Escape to Paradise” or January’s “Snow Way”) and includes items like bath bombs, candles, body oils, pumice stones, and whipped soaps, which can be used either during or after your bath. 

For around $44 per month, you can gift yourself or someone else the luxury of a nice, soothing soak. There’s even an option for the tub-less amongst us that includes the same handmade, small-batch products, minus the ones that require a tub.

Best Eco-Conscious: Earthlove



The theme for this subscription box is in its name: Earthlove. Each seasonal selection includes items like organic teas, essential oils, an apron made out of upcycled denim, recipe books, reusable coffee cups, a card deck filled with affirmations skincare, apparel, and snacks that encourage living a healthy, eco-conscious life.

All of the products from Earthlove are ethically sourced, include zero-waste packaging, and natural ingredients. Plus, they're gluten-free, vegan, organic, cruelty-free, and fair-trade. Basically, they’re good for both your body and the earth. 

On top of all that, the Earthlove box also includes advice and recommended exercises for getting outside and connecting with nature. A subscription goes for about $60 per quarter or, separately, customers can build their own boxes depending on their needs.

Best Spiritual: Chakra Box

Chakra Box

 Chakra Box

You don’t need to know your sun sign or when Mercury goes into retrograde to appreciate the Chakra Box subscription service. All you really need is an open mind and a desire to improve your life. 

For roughly $38 per month, Chakra Box acts as a guide for mind, body, and spirit. Each one is dedicated to the different energy points in your body—also known as your chakras—which range from the third eye to the root and heart chakras. 

Subscribers can expect to find handpicked items like crystals, incense, smudge sticks, and herbal teas among the selection. To further aid in chakra balancing, some boxes also include curated playlists for meditation, virtual yoga classes, and other informational guides. 

Some believe spiritual misalignment can often have negative effects on our mood and health, and this subscription box can help both beginners and experts purify their space and get energy flowing.

Best for Happy Hour Enthusiasts: SaloonBox

Saloon Box

 Saloon Box

If your idea of self-care is winding down with a good drink, then the SaloonBox subscription service is for you.

Though going out with friends for a couple of drinks is always fun, you can still recreate the experience of sipping a nice cocktail in the comfort of your own home—all while picking up a new skill in the process. 

Each curated box includes seasonal recipes with a breakdown of the featured ingredients, any syrups, bitters, or garnishes needed to top off your drink, and the actual liquor itself. The company purposefully sends smaller sizes of spirits so you can try them out before deciding whether or not you want to invest in a larger bottle.

Boxes start at roughly $49 per month depending on your subscription, and the kit allows for the creation of four great cocktails. We’ll definitely drink to that.

Best for Homebodies: Introverts Retreat

Introverts Retreat

 Introverts Retreat

If introverts are experts in anything, it’s taking time for themselves, which is an important aspect of self-care. The Introverts Retreat subscription box encourages you to spend some quality with yourself in order to reset. 

Prices start at about $18 per month, and there are three different options to choose from. The first is “Read,” which offers up a selection of essentials: a good book written by a female author in your choice of genre, a tasty snack, and your choice of coffee, tea, or cocoa.

The second, “Read & Relax,” includes a book along with a hand-scented candle and your choice of bath salts or handmade soap. The third option, “Read, Relax & Recharge,” includes all of the items in the first two boxes, as well as an additional bath or body item. 

Self-care doesn’t always have to involve an expensive spa day; sometimes all you really is a good book, a cup of tea, and a candle that reads “love me enough to leave me alone.”

How We Chose The Best Self-Care Subscription Boxes

Self-care subscriptions were reviewed using a variety of factors, including the quality and variety of items included, the wellness benefits, customization options, and overall presentation. Pricing, user-friendly ordering, and customer reviews were also taken into consideration. 

Introverts Retreat was recognized for its accessibility, while Earthlove stood out for its dedication to the environment (from the products on offer to the packaging). And, SaloonBox was highlighted for being both niche and accommodating. TheraBox took home the title of best overall because of its professional curation process, along with its research-based products. We also love that it was one of the most recommended and most highly-rated subscriptions of the bunch. 

What Are Self-Care Subscription Boxes?

Self-care subscriptions are monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly subscriptions with companies that deliver their own handpicked assortment of wellness-related items, usually aggregated from multiple brands. The boxes are typically curated based on a theme or user’s personal preferences. 

What Is Included in a Self-Care Subscription Box?

The selection depends on the kind of subscription box you sign up for. Common items featured in self-care subscription boxes include a bath or body product, candles, books or journals, and tea. The overall assortment is usually wellness-focused and meant to encourage users to take a break and slow down.

Who Would Benefit From a Self-Care Subscription?

Anyone who wants to make taking care of themselves a priority can benefit from a self-care subscription. It can also be helpful for those who find themselves too busy to carve out some me-time. 

How Much Do Self-Care Subscription Boxes Cost?

Subscription costs vary depending on the company, box variety, and frequency of delivery. Prices can range from about $18 per month to roughly $60 per quarter. 

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