The BEST Sea Salt Sprays, According to the Internet

If it were up to us, we would wake up each morning (preferably to the sound of ocean waves crashing, birds chirping, and bacon sizzling on the stove), bounce to the mirror, and admire the perfectly slept-in, mermaid-esque waves created during our peaceful, eight hour shut-eye the night before… HA! Funny, right? Though we’re all for wishful thinking, our 10 zillion alarms (hey, it’s strategic!), our roommate’s nocturnal tendencies, and our aggressive tossing and turning (thanks, summer heat) just don’t seem to breed the most hair-loving of scenarios. Nope, try as we might, most mornings we wake up with a flat, cowlicked, overall depressing head of hair.

Enter sea salt spray, aka the ultimate summer hair savior. With just a couple of spritzes, a good sea salt spray can transform limp locks into a low-maintenance, beachy masterpiece. However, not all formulas are created equal—some will leave your hair greasy, sticky, or downright dirty. In the hunt for the best salt sprays, we asked our friends at Rank & Style—a site dedicated to generating unbiased lists of the top fashion and beauty products—to help. Using their unique algorithm, they’ve created a list of the best sea salt sprays that money can buy—the Internet says so. Keep scrolling to discover your newest salty weapon for any and every bad hair day this summer!