14 Candles You Definitely Won't Want to Re-Gift


Isabella Behravan

When I first watched Saturday Night Live's now-viral "Christmas Candle" sketch—a hilariously cheesy '90s-style music video about a peach candle stuck in re-gift purgatory—I had two thoughts: 1) The skit is destined to be an SNL holiday classic, like "Santa's My Boyfriend" and "Schweddy Balls," and 2) this would be a non-issue if only they had found the right candle. I'll concede that no one wants a generic scented votive as a gift because nothing says "I didn't put much thought into this" like a mound of candy-colored wax with all the subtlety of an air freshener. 

But let's not ignore the impressive market of beautifully crafted home fragrances, which are essentially the candle equivalents of a luxury perfume: subtle, complex, and not at all cloying. And contrary to popular belief, not all quality candles have a steep price tag. (Seriously, check out slide 11 below if you're not sure.)

So without further ado, behold 14 beautiful candles that won't be mistaken for anything other than a thoughtful gift—even if you're only gifting yourself, which is definitely valid. See if you can scroll through all of these without clicking "add to cart."