8 Whimsical Jewelry Brands to Elevate Your Ring Collection

From Keane to Shop Sweet Thing.

Mon Cheri Moi

Byrdie / Mon Cheri Moi

I've loved adorning my fingers with rings since I was a child, whether it be with costume rings meant for Halloween or the plastic rings that came with Hard Candy nail polish. For me, I've always believed in the philosophy that the bigger the ring, the better. My love for unique, chunky rings has only intensified during my adult years, and throughout my career, I've come across some standout jewelry brands. Ahead, I've rounded up eight incredible accessory makers that offer a stunning array of whimsical rings. Keep scrolling to discover them all.


I had the pleasure of meeting designer New York-based Colin Lynch of Keane at a tradeshow back in 2018. His handmade glass blown rings are colorful and joyful. They reminded me of actual candy, coming in bright pink, red, yellow, blue hues. Lynch gifted me a ring and soon I realized that not only I thought his rings were amazing, others were constantly inquiring about my new finger adornment as well

La Manso

I reached out to the Barcelona-based Adriana Manso, founder of La Manso, to request rings for a photoshoot. Manso's rings are based on Adriana’s love for collecting plastics. They're chunky, playful and colorful. The rings arrived to me packaged with branded reusable rubber gloves, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fun that this brand exudes. La Manso's Instagram brings daily joy and there is a color and style of ring for everyone. Adriana let me keep the rings and I wore them around, and inquiries about my rings multiplied. 


Mexico City-based designer Sofia Elias of the jewelry brand Blobb let me use her rings (and also generously keep) for another shoot. Elias makes organic resin-coated clay “blobby” rings embedded with small colorful stones. At one point, I was wearing at least one of these rings daily and they were an instant hit amongst my followers. 


BonBonWhims is appropriately named. Like bonbons (which translates to candy in French), these rings are delicious-looking. Founded by China-born Clare Ngai, the jewelry hobbyist created her small-batch jewelry brand as a nostalgic ode to the 1990s. She initially launched the brand as a passion project to help raise money for BIPOC communities in need and has continued to donate to different organizations. Stylistically, I find her rings to stand out with their fun shapes and colors. I especially love the ones you can personalize with your initial.

Mon Cheri Moi

This Los Angeles-based female-owned brand makes whimsical jewelry in cherry colors. The rings are obviously my favorite (but take a look at her safety pin earrings, too). Mon Cheri Moi rings stand out with their modernist shapes and smooth, organic edges. The vibrant colored rings boast fun names like Butter Croissant, Kissproof and Caterpillar, giving the brand a very distinct identity.

Face Resin

Face Resin is a London-based small-batch jewelry brand that makes resin-coated polymer clay rings—a style I've been seeing all over social media. What sets Face Resin apart specifically are that these rings have teeny hand drawn designs inspired by folk art and tattoo imagery. These cheery youthful rings bring instant joy.

Zig Zag Goods

I was initially drawn to the reworked clothes by Zig Zag Goods, a Los Angeles-based brand run by two best friends. As someone with a longtime love of Ring Pops, Zig Zag Goods’ hand-casted resin rings feel like they were made just for me. Many of these rings actually look like rock candy in bold bright colors and super chunky angular shapes. If you’re super nostalgic, peep the Troll ring for instant joy. 

Shop Sweet Thing

I personally purchased two of these fast-selling rings as soon as I could. The crazy color combinations (some have a tie-dye effect), thoughtful stone placement, and really good price point made me pull the shopping trigger one morning. These "chewing gum" rings look like thoughtfully chewed colorful gum and are stocked in drops, announced on the brand’s Instagram. The solid rings come in descriptive colors like "milk choc," "bubblegum," and even “booger.” The tie-dye rings are titled with more artistic names like “landscape," "dessert oasis," and "caramel swirl." 

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