12 Retinol Body Lotions That Actually Work

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We love a good facial skincare routine as much as the next person, but we know that our efforts can't stop there. It's crucial to show the skin below the chin some love too, especially if you're fighting visible signs of aging. This should come as no surprise, but wrinkles, fine lines, creping, and sagging don't set any boundaries, meaning they can appear on your facial skin just as easily as they can appear on your hands, legs, and arms.

That's why a lot of people turn to retinol, a derivative of vitamin A that—along with many other benefits—can help reduce said signs of aging and prevent them from cropping up prematurely. You'll find it as the star ingredient in a handful of anti-aging facial products, but it can (and should) be incorporated into your body routine as well.

Go ahead and slather on our picks of the best retinol body lotions, below.

Best Overall: Paula's Choice Skin-Smoothing Retinol Body Treatment

Top honors in this roundup go to this Paula's Choice body lotion formulated with pure retinol, antioxidants, and natural butters and plant oils—all ingredients you normally see in facial products. Not only does it smooth the skin by diminishing the appearance of an uneven tone, but it also curbs dryness and reveals a firmer, more lifted skin look.

Best Splurge: Chantecaille Retinol Body Treatment

This luxurious cream is infused with pure retinol encapsulated in botanical microspheres, saccharide isomerate (a hydrator) and edelweiss extract (an antioxidant) and—spoiler alert—it's worth every penny. Massage the lotion into your skin day and night for smoother, firmer-looking skin.

Best Value: Puritan's Pride Retinol Body Lotion

Here you get two sizable bottles of retinol body lotion for the cost of lunch. Keep one of your nightstand and a backup in the medicine cabinet so you never forget to apply it at night. Users loved how dramatically smoother and softer this lotion made their skin look and feel.

Best for Beginners: ThisWorks Sleep Plus Dream Body Cream

When trying retinol for the first time, dermatologists don't suggest reaching for the most powerful formula you can get your hands on. Rather, start slow and work your way up to an increased frequency and higher concentration.

If you're a retinol newbie, this gentle body cream is a great place to start. Many users love this retinol lotion infused with essential oils and amino acids because it’s not harsh, but still works hard to get you softer, smoother-looking skin—all while you snooze.

Best Overnight Treatment: Cosmedix A-Lift Overnight Vitamin A Body Treatment

Speaking of results while you snooze, perfect your beauty sleep routine by adding this overnight body treatment into the mix. A dream team of two types of vitamin A—retinol and retinal in a proprietary encapsulation—mix with caffeine, bakuchiol, safflower seed oil, and antioxidants to promote skin firmness and elasticity, reveal brighter-looking skin, and improve texture. Apply it onto your skin at night and let it sink in.

Best for Dry Skin: iS Clinical Body Complex

Treat your body skin with this soothing lotion from iS Clinical. It’s full of hardworking ingredients: hyaluronic acid gives parched skin a boost of hydration, aloe calms, and fruit acid extracts encourage mild exfoliation.

Best for Crepey Skin: Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus+ Fragile Skin Therapy

One of the common skin side effects of aging is crepey skin. To promote firmer-looking skin and improve the look of creping, reach for this body lotion infused with retinol, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E. Users love this retinol body lotion because it works well to smooth crepiness and reduce wrinkles on thin, fragile skin.

Best for Sagging Skin: Medix 5.5 Retinol Cream Anti-Sagging Treatment

Reviewers can’t stop talking about how amazing this potent retinol cream is, especially when it comes to sagging skin. It helps tighten the look of skin so well that many reviewers noticed a difference in no time flat.

Best for Wrinkles: Advanced Clinicals Retinol Cream

See your wrinkles to the door with the help of this retinol cream from Advanced Clinicals. Rub it all over your body, but pay close attention to your neck, chest, hands, and feet. It visibly restores volume to areas prone to wrinkles and sagging. Another perk? It's quite affordable for its size.

Best Brightening: Rosen Apothecary Anti-Aging Retinol Body Lotion

Here, ingredients such as retinol (the star), hyaluronic acid, and collagen help fade hyperpigmentation with continued use for brighter-looking skin. This light lotion quickly melts into the skin, which means you don’t have to worry about it leaving behind a greasy residue or staining your clothes. Another plus? It's big enough to share with the whole family, though you probably won't want to.

Best for Hands: Robanda Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

An oft-neglected area of skin, the hands are among the first areas of skin to show signs of aging. It’s important to give your hands the same attention you give your face and the rest of your body, so keep this powerful hand treatment handy (get it?). Formulated with retinol, antioxidants and even SPF 15, this hand cream can brighten age spots and hyperpigmentation, protect against harmful UV rays and reduce signs of aging.

Best for Face: PH Factor 5.5 Retinol & Ferulic Acid Cream for Face and Body

Don't want to use two separate retinol creams for your face and body? Par down your skincare routine with this retinol cream that you can use on both areas of skin. No matter where you apply it, it'll work to help reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines, all while minimizing the appearance of dark spots and sun damage.

Experts recommend starting a new relationship with retinol slowly to build up your skin's tolerance to the powerful ingredient. Also, always apply broad-spectrum sunscreen while using retinol since it can make your skin more sensitive to UV rays.

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