Found: The 12 Best Red Nail Polishes Money Can Buy

Red is perhaps the most iconic color when it comes to beauty. Whether it be red nails, red lipstick, or a deep rouge blush, almost every truly classic beauty product (aside from perhaps black mascara or eyeliner) is a vivid shade of ruby, or crimson, or scarlet. That, I presume, is due to the fact that red itself is a color that connotes power, vivacity, and confidence. It's bold; it's strong; it's unapologetic. Could that be the underlying reason why we love painting our nails all shades of red, from fiery orange to rich merlot? We can't know for sure. The only thing we can be positive about is that red nails will never go out of style, which is why we'll pay homage to beauty's boldest, most timeless color by adorning our nails with any of the 12 red lacquers, below.