The 7 Products Celebrity Makeup Artists Always Use for the Red Carpet


George Pimentel/Getty Images

Have you ever watched the red carpet and wondered how celebrities get their makeup to look so flawless? While a fantastic makeup artist is likely the answer, we don’t all have a personal makeup artist on speed dial (although that would be nice). To make it easier to get a red carpet look without having to hire a professional, we’ve compiled a list of must-have red carpet beauty products courtesy of our favorite celebrity makeup artists.

You could say we’ve covered quite a few award shows in the past, and while putting together the greatest red carpet beauty looks year after year, we’ve spotted the standout beauty products that makeup artists use time and time again on the red carpet. From inky liners to no-smudge mascaras and the silkiest of foundations, we’ve compiled the hero products in every makeup artists’ red carpet kit. Here, the most beloved red carpet makeup products according to the professionals.