You Tagged, We Took Notice: 10 Incredible Halloween Looks From Our Readers

To say we're obsessed with Halloween would be an understatement. We carefully plan out our costumes each year (complete with a hair and makeup look to match, naturally) and pull inspiration from pop culture, celebrities, cats, and even drugstore makeup. This year, we decided to pull references from some of the greatest beauty inspiration out there: you. 

We did a quick call out on our Instagram and asked that if you really did it up this Halloween, you hashtag #BewitchedByByrdie on your post. Then, we went through all the incredible costumes and chose a few that really went above and beyond. Behold: The greatest Halloween beauty looks from our lovely and talented Byrdie readers. 

PS feel free to keep tagging us throughout the day, we can update the list if you blow us away!

Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!