15 Health and Beauty Products I'm Now Obsessed With Thanks to Instagram

A little over a year ago, Elite Daily reported those under the age of 25 spent more than 32 minutes a day surfing Instagram, while those over the age of 25 spent above and beyond 24 minutes per day. And what with new features, filters, and other guilty pleasures added to the app on what seems like an almost daily basis, we'd surmise those engagement times have only increased. I know mine have.

In fact, perusing my feed has actually become one of my favorite methods of beauty and health research. Like it or not, influencers are taking over the internet, and whether or not you agree (don't worry—we do understand the fatigue), it's a great way to bring an influx of newness to the top of your feed, putting products you otherwise might never have discovered at your fingertips. Not to mention an ever-increasing number of celebrities and industry experts (like our fave hairstylists, makeup artists, and estheticians) are also cultivating their unique social media presence and sharing more of what they love—great for our beauty-loving, product-hoarding selves, and not so great for our bank accounts.

I've been doing a lot of creeping lately (again, I prefer to call it research) and have composed a crème-de-la-crème list of 15 beauty and health products I probably would never have discovered—or at least not until much much later—if it hadn't been for the good old 'gram. Some I discovered years ago. Some I only discovered last week. But regardless, I'm infatuated all the same. From the best lip liner ever (in my opinion) to the super-random thing that puts me to bed like a baby, keep scrolling for 15 of the best products on Instagram, according to a self-professed scrolling addict.