15 of the Best Skincare Products, According to People With Sensitive Skin

Navigating sensitive skin can be tough… You want to try all the recommended products out there, but you often find that your skin just will not have it. Redness, breakouts, rosacea, and eczema are all conditions associated with sensitive skin, and a lot of us here at Byrdie deal with each one on a daily basis. So we thought it was time to show you a softer, gentler side of skincare with our best picks for reactive skin.

They're free of active ingredients that'll lead to a flare-up, and each one soothes, calms, and keeps your skin feeling good. Below, find our favorites, broken up by category. There are moisturizers and cleansers for your face, as well as bodycare offerings that'll help you reach your personal skin nirvana. All you have to do is scroll, read each description, and find the one that best suits you. Then give it a try and let us know on Instagram how you liked it. We think you'll be pleased.