These Are the Best Products for Hiding Roots Without Booking an Appointment

If you dye your hair, nothing's more of a nuisance than pesky roots springing up between appointments. There are plenty of options on the market made for masking those inconvenient roots so you don't have to stress. Dark or gray roots happen. Making it to a salon every four weeks hardly ever happens. You can rock those untended roots as a style, cover them up with a beanie, or use these root touch-up products and look like you just left the colorist. Looking for an effortless spray you can quickly apply like a dry shampoo? There are choices starting at just $10. Prefer something more precise like a crayon so you can pinpoint exact problem areas? There are sticks in a variety of shades. Think powders are more up your alley? There are root-covering options that can be applied with a double-ended brush, a duster, or in a compact boasting two different shades to cover the natural gradation of hair color.

Here are nine temporary root-concealing products to make your hair color look fresh.

This story was originally published on March 3, 2015, and has been updated.