What Are the Most Effective Products for Your Hair Type?

When it comes to your skin, you might have a 16-step routine to address every pore's whims and needs, but what about your hair? Hair isn't "one size fits all" either—you have to take your hair type, texture, and oiliness into consideration. As with your skincare routine, establishing the perfect formula for your specific tresses may take some trial and error, and that's where we come in. To help you identify your unique hair needs and the specific products to complement them, we've created this quiz to generate your perfect hair routine. Your best hair day is just a few clicks away.

Fill in the Blanks Below

If I could change one thing about my hair, it would be to have
less frizz smoother hair more volume

When I go on a beach vacation, my hair tends to
poof up feel like straw have more texture

My day-two hair usually looks
bigger better, actually greasy and flat
Create my hair routine