The #1 Product for Dark Circles Has Been at Sephora This Entire Time

We've tried a lot of unconventional dark circle remedies, like rolling needles and jade stones under our eyes and enlisting the help of 24K gold under-eye patches. But while each of these has proven to be effective in some way or another (if not only for making us feel like King Midas), it turns out that the simple creams and gels we've passed in-store several times actually do a great job at helping us look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Which products work best, you ask? We turned to the surest litmus test for honest efficacy: the internet, or more specifically, Rank & Style, a site that aggregates the most popular products on the world wide web. Want to know which eye cream other beauty shoppers love most? Keep scrolling to count down to #1!

Have you ever tried the number one eye cream? Wondering what other products made the list? Check out the full countdown at Rank & Style.