The Best Probiotics for Women, According to Nutritionists

Shopping for supplements (especially if you're a woman) can become a tricky business. If you're anything like us, you typically find yourself walking the aisles (or trolling the internet) in search of the perfect product, only to end up overwhelmed, frustrated, and ultimately empty-handed. And while some supplements are fairly straightforward, Others, well are not. Enter probiotics, the buzzy bacterial supplements that people can't stop talking about.

From different types of good-for-your-gut bacterial strains to ingredients to CFU count (don't worry—we'll explain in a second), the art of choosing a quality probiotic can feel more like a mathematical equation than a strategic health move. Plus, as far as price goes, they can cost a pretty penny. To make sure you get the (bacterial) bang for your buck that you deserve, we turned to some of the industry's leading nutritionists to offer some perspective. And while the majority of our experts told us they recommend probiotics specific to their clients, they were willing to share with us a few they love most. Keep reading for some of the best probiotics for women, according to nutritionists.

Ed. Note: Be sure to speak with your personal physician when considering a new supplement or any significant changes to your diet.

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