The 9 Best Probiotics for Women, According to a Registered Dietician

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Fun fact: Human beings have approximately 100 trillion microorganisms, mostly bacteria. Supplemental probiotics can help support the bacteria that live within us, especially when our innate bacteria is challenged, for example by antibiotics, poor diet or traveling. While probiotics can be consumed naturally in foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, kombucha, and kimchi, they can also be taken in supplement form, the latter of which has soared in recent years.

Probiotics have been shown to help immune function, digestion and nutrition absorption. They have also been examined in how they help manage digestive discomforts, reduce colic symptoms and eczema in infants, and decrease the risk or duration of common infections, including those of the respiratory tract and gut.

When looking for a probiotic, it is important to make sure that the levels of live probiotics are provided through the ‘best by’ date (not time of manufacture). Though probiotics are safe for most people, consumers should always discuss new supplements with their healthcare provider.

Below, discover the best probiotics for women.

Best Overall: Garden of Life Probiotics Supplement for Women

Beloved by myself and fellow dietician nutritionists alike, these probiotics for women are one of the best out there. They contain 50 billion Colony Forming Units with 16 diverse, specially-selected probiotic strains. Among them are Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria—two strains that are resistant to stomach acid and bile—to help boost immune, digestive, and vaginal health. There is also a prebiotic fiber blend of organic potato and organic acacia fiber to help boost the results. The capsules are non-GMO, gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free, as well as vegetarian.

As an added benefit, they are also shelf-stable, meaning you don't have to keep them refrigerated between uses. This is an ideal perk for women on the go—all you have to do is stash it into your purse, gym bag, or carry-on.

Best Budget: Culturelle Daily Probiotic

Probiotic supplements that are super affordable are hard to come by. One 30 day supply of Culturelle won't break the bank and contains a potent, evidence back strain of good bacteria. Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LGG) has been used in multiple clinical trials focusing on abdominal pain, infection-induced diarrhea and allergic reactions such as eczema.

Culturelle contains ten billion Colony Forming Units of this evidenced backed bacteria strain per serving. In addition to these beneficial bacteria, Culturelle combines 200 mg of inulin, a naturally occurring prebiotic fiber to feed the probiotic. Independent product testing company, Consumer Labs, confirmed that it contains the listed amount of probiotic organisms and is free of contamination as well as yeast, milk, dairy, wheat, gluten and lactose which makes this a great option for anyone who may be following a gut-healing specific diet looking for an extra gut health boost.

Editor's Choice: Seed Daily Synbiotic


Courtesy of Seed

The research on various probiotic strains has been booming. With more research comes more knowledge on specific probiotic strains to help support various bodily mechanisms. Seed focuses on using specific probiotic strains that have been researched in human-based studies.

Seed’s Daily Synbiotic extends beyond a focus solely on gut health. If you are wondering what a ‘synbiotic’ is and how it differs from a probiotic, it is a scientific way of naming a product that contains both a prebiotic and a probiotic in one capsule. Think of prebiotics as the food that the probiotics live on. To ensure that their pre and probiotics survive the stomach’s acidity, the potent combination of bacteria strains specific for dermatological and cardiovascular health (in addition to gut health) are protected in a patented capsule made from microalgae.

Seed Daily Synbiotic does not have to be refrigerated and they meticulously test their product to make sure they are free of gluten, dairy, corn soy, binders, fillers, and excipients.

Best Combination: Love Bug Yeast Is A Beast

Offering slightly more Colony Forming Units of specific, clinically studied probiotic strains than the above product, Love Bug’s Yeast Is A Beast probiotic is designed with women's’ health in mind. Featuring five different strains of Lactobacillus, this product may help support optimal vaginal flora as well as digestive and immune function.

In addition to probiotics, this Love Bug includes 250 milligrams of D-Mannose from cranberry extract. D-Mannose has been researched for its ability to help prevent or treat urinary tract infections. All of Love Bug’s probiotics use BIO-tract®, a patented delivery technology scientifically developed to protect the tablets against stomach acids and other rigors of digestion. These probiotics are non-GMO, gluten and artificial flavor and color free.

Best for Vaginal Health: Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus for Women


Courtesy of Jarrow

Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus for women is one of Consumer Labs' top picks of probiotics for women. Featuring five billion CFU of four clinically studied probiotic strains to support vaginal health, this product is an excellent choice for women looking for additional support to prevent and fight against vaginal inflammation.

According to Jarrow Formulas’ website, the patented strains used in this product lower the vaginal pH, creating a mildly acidic environment that is not optimal for the growth of undesirable bacteria. Coated with EnteroGuard®, a proprietary food-grade, pH-sensitive enteric coating, these capsules resist stomach acid, optimizing the delivery of bacteria to the lower GI tract.

Best Gummies: Olly Probiotic Gummy

Supplements in gummy form are normally packed with added sugars and artificial colorings. Artificial coloring and sweeteners (in any form) are known triggers to gastrointestinal distress. Good news: Olly does not use artificial colorings, flavors or sweeteners in their products.

Providing 500 million Colony Forming Units of Bacillus Coagulans and 1.5 grams of a prebiotic blend in one gummy, this product is an excellent choice for consumers looking for options that are not in pill/capsule form. Olly features NSF certification, a symbol to show that products have been independently tested and evaluated against a rigorous set of quality and material safety requirements. Third-party testing is ideal when purchasing supplements as the supplement industry is not regulated.

Best On the Go: Renew Life Extra Care On The Go Probiotic

A major obstacle when it comes to staying consistent with taking probiotics is that many of them need to be refrigerated. Refrigeration keeps bacteria viable and supports overall efficacy. Finding a probiotic that ensures potency not just at the time of manufacture, but at the time of purchase is difficult.

Renew Life’s On The Go Probiotic takes away the stress of refrigeration. Renew Life’s Extra Care probiotics provide 50 billion live cultures from 12 different probiotic strains, designed to re-establish digestive balance. Ensuring quality and potency through expiration, Renew Life’s capsules are designed to be delayed-release, making sure the contents make it past the acidic environment of the stomach. As an added bonus, these probiotics do not need to be refrigerated, a plus when shipments might be delayed, routines are disrupted by travel or emergency times without refrigeration.

Best Powder: Garden of Life 5 Day Max Restore

Looking for a powerful probiotic solution without adding a new daily supplement to your routine? If so, Garden of Life’s 5 Day Max Restore is a potent, fast solution.

This probiotic blend in powder form is rich in different Bifidobacterium strains which have been studied extensively for their effect on the gastrointestinal tract. One daily serving contains 400 Billion CFU of 34 different probiotic strains, 100 milligrams of digestive enzymes and a rich prebiotic blend from Jerusalem artichoke and banana powder. This powder alone contains 10 grams of fiber per serving, a bonus for anyone seeking to increase their fiber consumption.

Certified organic, non-GMO and featuring an NSF certificate, this supplement has been independently tested and evaluated against a rigorous set of quality and material safety requirements.

Best Vegan: Innate Response Flora 20-14 Capsules

Innate Response Flora 20-14 Capsules

Courtesy of Amazon 

Innate Response is one of the first supplement companies to guarantee that their products are glyphosate residue-free which increases the efficacy of their potent Flora 20-14, Probiotic by limiting interference from a known microbiome disrupter.

Glyphosate, a key ingredient in the weed killer Roundup, has been making headlines recently due to its negative effects on hormones, gastrointestinal health, respiratory health, and immune functioning, among other concerns. In addition to glyphosate, each batch of incoming ingredients is tested for over 125 different pesticides and herbicides.

Final Verdict

Supplemental probiotics can help support the bacteria that live within us, especially when our innate bacteria is challenged, for example by antibiotics, poor diet or traveling. Beloved by editors and fellow dietician nutritionists alike, Garden of Life Probiotics Supplements for Women (see at Amazon) are one of the best out there. For both vaginal and digestive support, we recommend LoveBug Probiotics Complete Women's Health (see at Amazon).These probiotics are non-GMO, gluten and artificial flavor and color free. For those that prefer to take their supplements in gummy form, try Olly Probiotic Gummies (see at Amazon), providing 500 million Colony Forming Units of Bacillus Coagulans and 1.5 grams of a prebiotic blend in one serving.

According to our Diversity Pledge, 15% of products in our newly-published market roundups will feature Black-owned and/or Black-founded brands. At the time of publishing, we were not able to find any probiotics from a Black-owned and/or Black-founded business. If you know of one we should consider, please email us at and we will evaluate the product ASAP. 

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