The 7 Best Primers for Every Skin Type

For my first few years as a beauty editor, primer was a makeup category I just didn't understand. What was this slimy invisible goo that promised to make your makeup look smoother and stay on longer? It sounded like a gimmick. But in time, I realized that my primer perplexity was simply because I hadn't found the right one for my skin type. Primer, as it turns out, doesn't do just one thing. Yes, there are primers that fill your pores and improve your foundation's staying power, but there are also ones that hydrate, color-correct, or add glow. There are myriad textures and formulations to choose from. To reap the benefits, you simply have to find the right primer for your skin type.

Fortunately, there are editors on Team Byrdie representing oily, combination, dry, and sensitive skin types. We have all tried a host of different primers over the years and have nailed down the single best one for our individual concerns. Want to find the best primer for every skin type, according to Team Byrdie? Keep on scrolling.