Minimize and Blur: Here Are the Best Primer for Pores

So many makeup artists say that the skin is like the canvas. With that in mind, no beauty look will stay put or appear perfect on a "canvas" that isn't smooth and ready to take on some product. So in steps primer—the often overlooked makeup product that is more or less invisible yet majorly impactful impact.

In addition to smoothing out your complexion and providing a lasting adhesive base for your makeup, primers are made to tackle the very human beauty dilemma of pores. While we all have them, pores can be a nuisance when applying makeup, especially when they're large or prone to becoming oily.

Thus, a primer specifically formulated to tackle pores can be a game changer in your makeup routine. To streamline your search for the best primer for pores, we've rounded up our seven picks that will make your skin looked airbrushed sans Photoshop.

Head below to find the best primer for pores that suits your needs.