These Plant Subscription Boxes Will Spruce Up Your Home

Get the perfect plant delivered right to your door.

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There’s nothing like a beautiful plant to spruce up your home. And finding the perfect plant is easier than ever thanks to a number of plant subscription boxes on the market. These subscription services deliver a range of plants right to your door—everything from air plants to succulents along with instructions on how to keep them healthy. And instead of searching through your local nursery or gardening center for something exotic, you'll be able to find more rare plants in your shipments.

To help you get started flexing your green thumb, we've rounded up the best plant subscription boxes.

Best Plant Subscription Boxes of 2022

Best Overall: The Plant Club

The Plant Club

 The Plant Club

Why We Chose It: Whether you’re looking to grow your very first house plant or you’re an experienced plant mom, The Plant Club provides everything you need to fill your home with stunning greenery. It’s easy, straightforward, and accommodates planters of all skill levels.

What We Like

  • Diverse subscription options
  • Unique plant curation
  • Easy ordering process
  • Crates include fun bonuses

What We Don't Like

  • No options for plant customization
  • Doesn’t offer an option for a pet-friendly box
  • Shipping doesn’t always include heat packs

The Plant Club is a unique subscription service that delivers a custom box to your door each month with everything you need to grow a colorful plant. The service is hailed for its fun boxes, which include cute containers, soil, decor, and even bonus goodies like candies and magnets. 

You’ll start by choosing one of four subscription options that include month-to-month service or prepaid deliveries ranging from three to 12 months. While you can’t customize the plant or what comes in the box, each delivery includes everything you need for that particular plant of the month. Plants are determined based on seasons in addition to other factors.

The Plant Box also offers an option for plant owners to send photos of their plants to their customer service team in order to get expert care advice. This is especially helpful for those with concerns or who experience issues growing their plants. Deliveries to colder regions will include a heat pack in the shipment, but deliveries to warmer areas don’t always have one.

Pricing starts at roughly $39 per month for a monthly subscription and goes up to about $432 for a 12-month prepaid service. The more months are prepaid, the more per-box prices go down. Shipping is a flat $4.95 per delivery.

Best Budget: House Plant Box

House Plant Box

 House Plant Box

Why We Chose It: With subscriptions starting at about $16 per month, House Plant Box is extremely affordable and offers a diverse selection.

What We Like

  • Fair prices
  • Greenhouse-grown in California
  • Pet-friendly box option
  • Variety of boxes to choose from
  • Great return or replacement policy

What We Don't Like

  • Some boxes might need extra equipment not always included
  • Boxes only include the essentials, no added bonuses
  • Some customers report shipping issues

Whether you’re on the hunt for succulents or aquatic plants, House Plant Box has something for everyone at a budget-friendly price. It offers cactus boxes, seedboxes, and indoor house plant boxes, for example, and includes the basics you’ll need to give that plant some TLC. There’s also a pet-friendly box subscription option for those with fur babies.

You’ll pick one of the 10-plus boxes best suited to your needs and then select which type of subscription you’ll like. Subscriptions range from month-to-month service or prepaid options running up to a full year of plant deliveries. All boxes include free shipping.

Boxes generally include a plant and care instructions. The seedbox option will include potting soil and plant containers as well. Depending on the type of plant you receive, some may need additional tools or equipment not included in the delivery.

Subscriptions start at about $16 per month depending on the type of box you choose and go up to roughly $100 per month for the biggest delivery (a 10-inch large indoor plant box). Price will also depend on whether you decide to go month-to-month or prepay for several months in advance.

Best for Pet Owners: Horti



Why We Chose It: While numerous plant subscription boxes offer pet-friendly options, we really love Horti thanks to the extra steps it takes to ensure the plants it delivers are safe for pets. All plants in the pet-friendly option are crosschecked with the ASPCA's library of non-toxic plants that won’t cause serious harm if ingested.

What We Like

  • Extra steps taken to protect pets
  • Discount for New York City customers who pickup at the store
  • Box option catered to new planters
  • Thorough care instructions
  • Option to gift plants to strangers

What We Don't Like

  • Plant containers run on the generic side
  • Plants start simple and grow more exotic with time
  • Doesn’t always offer free shipping

Horti is a cute plant subscription box service with a focus on kindness. Aside from offering a thoroughly-checked pet-friendly box, the platform also has the option of gifting a plant to a stranger. Horti in turn will randomly send five strangers a plant each month, while the rest of the gifts come from customers who make a plant donation.

To begin, choose one of three plans that include boxes for those new to planting, pet-friendly options, or a Horti’s pick curation. You can also customize the color of your container, although all are terracotta. New York City-based customers can receive a discount on their subscription if they opt to pick up their boxes at a local Brooklyn location. Horti starts by sending simple plants, then sends more exotic plants as your subscription progresses.

Boxes include a plant with a 6-inch clay pot and saucer, plus detailed instructions. Depending on the month, some boxes also come with planting tools and accessories. Customers can also select to receive naked plants housed in plastic grow pots that they can transfer to their own containers. Horti only offers month-to-month service, which can be skipped or canceled.

New York City pickup-only plans start at about $26 per month, while plans in all other locations start at approximately $28. Shipping varies by state and available options and ranges from free to a small fee of up to roughly $10.

Best for Beginners: The Sill

The Sill

 The Sill

Why We Chose It: The Sill focuses on exactly that: sending plants that sit nicely on window sills or similar areas. These plants are generally on the easier side to care for, making this plant box subscription service perfect for beginners.

What We Like

  • Custom-designed containers
  • Beginner-friendly program
  • Pet-friendly box option
  • Offers monthly plant workshops

What We Don't Like

  • Limited box options
  • Runs on the pricier side
  • Pause or cancel only possible after three deliveries
  • No larger plants available

The Sill makes taking care of plants a breeze. With sill-sized plants that fit perfectly into window spaces, countertops, or shelves, this plant subscription box service offers greenery that’s simple to care for. While great for beginners, it’s also suitable for more experienced plant growers.

To start, you’ll choose one of two plans, a more traditional “classic” box or a “pet friendly” box that includes pet-safe plants. Subscription is on a monthly basis and renews each month until canceled. Customers also receive a different plant with every box. Subscriptions can be paused or canceled after the first three plant deliveries are complete.

Each plant comes in a cute container custom-designed by The Sill team. They’re made to suit a range of indoor decor types and are versatile for a variety of spaces. You can also choose your container color, which is great for those who enjoy having plant decor that matches their home.

Subscription plans start at around $50 per month (shipping included).

Best for Creatives: My Garden Box

My Garden Box

 My Garden Box

Why We Chose It: If you want to grow and care for plants in a creative way, My Garden Box offers a plant subscription box service that includes projects enjoyable for all ages. These DIY boxes include everything you need to grow plants on your own with pre-portioned materials.

What We Like

  • DIY plant kits
  • Adorable box presentation
  • Seasonal garden boxes
  • Variety of greenery projects

What We Don't Like

  • Only one box to choose from
  • No pre-assembled plants

With My Garden Box, you can build everything from terrariums to bonsai gardens. This unique plant subscription box service gives customers the opportunity to try their green thumbs at assembling their own plant arrangements. Boxes typically come with plants, soil, containers, watering kits, and decorative accessories.

My Garden Box has only one box to choose from, but each month offers a different plant project for customers to work on. You can, however, choose the type of subscription you have. This can be month-to-month or prepaid between three, six and 12 months.

While My Garden Box is completely DIY, it does pre-portion ingredients to ensure each project is simple, enjoyable, and won’t take too much effort. Each box also includes visually illustrated instructions to make assembling the projects a breeze. Boxes are also tailored to seasons.

Prices start at approximately $50 for a month-to-month subscription and go up to around $550 for a prepaid year. Per-box price decreases the more months that are prepaid. Shipping is free.

There’s nothing like a beautiful green plant to bring joy to your home, especially one curated by experts. With numerous plant subscription boxes available for all types of plant lovers, from those who enjoy succulents to others looking for aquatic plants, having greenery sent right to your door (and with the tools needed to take care of it) is an enjoyable and efficient option.

These plant subscription box services made our list because they provide high-quality plants in selections that match a variety of lifestyles. Whether you have pets at home or are looking for smaller plants to fit more compact spaces, the services we selected meet a variety of needs. We also picked services that are budget-friendly, such as Horti, and cater to those who enjoy a little DIY with their plant deliveries, like the offerings in My Garden Box.

What Are Plant Subscription Boxes?

Plant subscription boxes are online shopping platforms that deliver plants right to your door. They often arrive on a monthly basis, with options to customize plant types and subscription duration.

How Much Do Plant Subscription Boxes Cost?

Plant subscription boxes will vary in cost depending on the type of box or service you select. They can start as low as about $16 per month and go up in price to roughly $100 per month. Most services offer the option to prepay for a select period of months (generally from three to 12), which can lower your overall per-box price.

How Do I Pick a Plant Subscription Box?

Consider the type of plants that will work best in your home and for your lifestyle. If you have pets at home, select a subscription that offers pet-friendly plants cross-checked against the ASPCA non-poisonous plants library. You can also factor in the size of your home and what style or plant type will fit your space. Also, consider how much care and effort you want to put into maintaining your plants.

How We Chose the Best Plant Subscription Boxes

We selected these subscription boxes based on cost, user satisfaction, plant variety, pet-friendly programs, and box presentation. Our other criteria included customer service resources, DIY options, and subscription flexibility. Most importantly, however, we focused on plant quality and care.

Other services we researched included Succulents Monthly, The Cactique, and Urban Organic Gardener, but they didn't make the cut because we felt other services offered better variety. These boxes felt too niche compared to the diversity of the five services selected. While the three additional services we considered are great for more specific wants, we chose to include services that cater to a larger variety of consumers.

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