The Best Places to Buy Bras That Cater to All Shapes and Sizes

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Next to finding the right pair of jeans, searching for the perfect bra has to be the most hit or miss shopping experience across the board. There are so many factors to consider, such as cup and band size, cup style, material composition, design details—the list goes on.

First and foremost: find a bra that makes you feel comfortable and confident. While everyone’s bra needs are different, properly measuring your bra size is the best place to start. From there, we hope to guide you in uncovering the best options for your body.

Ahead, the best places to buy bras that will set you on your journey to finding your perfect fit.

Best Overall: ThirdLove



With plenty of options and an extensive size range, ThirdLove is our best overall choice. It offers 11 overarching categories with at least eight color options, band sizes from 32 to 44, and cup sizes from A to I (going as extensive as GDDD). The brand truly has a style, fit, and color for everyone. The bras feature ultra-thin memory foam cups that form to the body and foam-padded hooks, which prevent that dreadful itchy feeling. The extensive bra fitting room helps you discover what bra is best for you; you can even speak to an expert online if you’re unsure on how to measure your bust yourself.

Free Fittings: Yes | Cup Sizes: 32A-44I | Color Range: 8 | Styles: 11

Best Affordable: Savage X Fenty


Savage X Fenty

As a Savage Club Member, enjoy high-quality bras at a fraction of the price. Every bra comes at least 25 percent off—savings that add up if you fancy treating yourself every month. The nearly $50 membership can be redeemed for purchases, and you can either shop or skip each drop. Whether you prefer a more trendy bra style or are looking for something more supportive, the brand's bold selection will not let you down—here, trend meets quality and affordability.

Free Fittings: No | Cup Sizes: XS-4XL; 32A-42H | Color Range: 13 | Styles: 8

Best for Large Busts: Bare Necessities


Bare Necessities

From Prima Donna and Empreinte to Marie Jo and Simone Perele, Bare Necessities features size-inclusive brands that offer bras up to an impressive K cup and back size 58. Acknowledging and understanding the support that larger busts require, its styles are supportive with fuller cups, thicker and stronger straps, as well as materials that hold the bust and relieve weight from the back. With both trendy and minimal styles available, you can shop here with confidence.

Free Fittings: Yes | Cup Sizes: A-K | Color Range: 22 | Styles: 850+

Best for Small Busts: Heist


Heist Studios

Heist specializes in bras for small busts, while offering band sizes up to XL. This extra appreciation is met with a contoured fit that provides a flattering lift. The brand offers support without going for obvious padding and a push-up bra (although there is certainly nothing wrong with that). The Sheer Bralette in particular is supported by HeroPanels that provides a natural lift with light to medium support—without any wire to secure in the back.

Free Fittings: No | Cup Sizes: XS-XL | Color Range: 6-10 | Styles: 6

Best for Fittings: Victoria Secret


Victoria's Secret

As early as most of us can remember, Victoria's Secret has been heralded as the iconic bra brand with a great complimentary fitting service. Understanding how a bra is meant to fit and feel, the experts work with you on finding the right bra based on cup size, strap length, and fit across the back, ensuring that you don’t leave without knowing the ideal size and style for you.

Free Fittings: Yes | Cup Sizes: 30AA-44G | Color Range: 6 | Styles: 14

Best Plus Size: Prima Donna


Bare Necessities

At one point in time, searching for plus-size bras was challenging, and finding bras that were both stylish and comfortable was even harder. Prima Donna has put an end to that with styles that are stylish, comfortable, and incredibly supportive in fit. Fun, bold, and confident, the brand understands that bras must adapt to the body rather than the body adapting to a bra. One way it achieves this is by designing bras with thicker straps and fuller cups.

Free Fittings: Yes | Cup Sizes: 38C-46I | Color Range: 12 | Styles: 18

Best Variety: Nordstrom



We're blown away by the sheer variety that Nordstrom has to offer, with eight different overarching categories—from bralettes and minimizers to sports bras and T-shirt bras—and over 1000 styles. A particular favorite brand of ours is Natori, a figure-flattering contour bra that supports the bust without compromising on quality, coming either delicately laced or finely trimmed. Trust us—you are bound to find a style and perfect fit that you will love.

Free Fittings: Yes | Cup Sizes: 28A-48H+ | Color Range: 16 | Styles: 8

Best for Nursing: ModiBodi



When nursing and caring for your baby, the last thing you want to be concerned about is feeling uncomfortable with your bra. Modibodi is providing the best nursing bras for both your and your baby’s needs. Its anti-microbial material and leak-proof cups keep you comfortable, the wire-free cups adjust up to three sizes to adapt to your changing body, and the front-facing clips provide easy access. A nursing bra that supports you during this change is so important, and this one comes highly recommended.

Free Fittings: No | Cup Sizes: 32C-DD; 40E-G | Color Range: 2 | Styles: 2

Best on Amazon: Glamorise



On Amazon, the ratings separate the good from the best. Finding bras on Amazon can be difficult since quality and fit can be trial and error. Glamorise is a cut above the rest with 4- and 5-star ratings by the thousands on many of their styles. While curve-focused, they cater to nearly everyone with cup sizes ranging from B to L and band sizes from 30 to 58. Thicker straps, full support, and excellent cuts strip away the difficulty of finding the perfect bra. 

Free Fittings: No | Cup Sizes: B-L | Color Range: 12+ | Styles: 6

Best Nude: SKIMS



When SKIMS first came to market, we may have been slightly apprehensive about how great the product would be—but it has blown all our expectations out of the water. The brand offers the best color options matching all skin tones, reframing the definition of "nude." With the core range expanding across nine shades (from Sand to Onyx), there is a shade for everyone. Its incredibly soft and stretchy yet supportive selection is a Byrdie favorite.

Free Fittings: No | Cup Sizes: XXS-4X | Color Range: 17 | Styles: 47

Best Sustainable: Everlane



Everlane places sustainability at the center of its brand mission. Made from organic cotton and recycled nylon, these bras are produced without harmful chemicals—a composition that we at Byrdie can appreciate. The fabric sculpts, stretches, and molds to any frame without compromising style, and it’s better for Mother Earth at the same time.

Free Fittings: No | Cup Sizes: XS-XXL | Color Range: 3 | Styles: 2

Best Sports Bras: TALA



Sustainable activewear and athleisure brand TALA understands great quality, support, and aesthetics when it comes to sports bras. Its premium material is made with recycled nylon and Lycra, and the designs are highly compressive to keep busts in place, regardless of what exercise classes or activities you're doing. Equally, the styles are so cute and minimal, who says they are only good for the gym?

Free Fittings: No | Cup Sizes: XS-XL | Color Range: 8 | Styles: 10

Best Trendy: Free People


Free People

Sometimes you want a fleeting selection of bras and lingerie in rotation—you don’t always need practicality or care if the lace pokes through your T-shirt. Sometimes you want something that is a little more fun and eccentric. Free People is the answer here—its wide selection has minimalist options in addition to some that carry a little extra, such as side ruffle bralettes, racy racerbacks, and even a sweater bra.

Free Fittings: No | Cup Sizes: XXS-XL; 32A-36DD | Color Range: 9 | Styles: 5

Best Everyday: Lively



Is there anything worse when you find lace poking through your top? We found that Lively has everyday types of bras that are sure to avoid this problem: the All-Day T-Shirt Bra and Spacer Bra. They both feature smooth material with minimal stitching that could push through your tops. Plus, its contouring technology doesn’t flatten the bust. Whatever your style, your bra needn’t be a problem when getting dressed in the morning.

Free Fittings: No | Cup Sizes: 32A - 40C | Color Range: 7 | Styles: 9

Best Sultry: La Perla



La Perla prides itself on crafting the most sultry and delicate designs. With their bras made from cotton, silk, or satin, there is a bra for every mood and occasion. Get lost in dreamy sky blue and tulle trim or feel ever so sophisticated in a black and ivory frastaglio design. Browsing its website alone will leave you wanting to add at least one of its gorgeous styles to your collection.

Free Fittings: No | Cup Sizes: 32A-42C | Color Range: 17 | Styles: 16

Best for Lounging: Skin



Let’s face it—there are plenty of days where we just want to lounge around without feeling constrained by a bra. And sometimes we want to wear a bra without feeling as though we are wearing one. Skin understands this. These bras are made from the softest of cotton, designed to comfortably sit on your skin like nothing is there. Despite the small selection available, they have minimal to no underwiring—making the styles perfect for lounging around, no questions asked.

Free Fittings: No | Cup Sizes: XS-XL | Color Range: 7 | Styles: 8

Best Variety Packs: ASOS



There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a matching bra set and finding out one piece fits and the other does not. ASOS solves this real dilemma thanks to its mix-and-match offering that allows you to buy pieces of a set in different sizes. The site also has a wide selection of variety packs that will save you some money if you're needing to buy more than one of the same type of bra. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, it’s even better in a pack of three.

Free Fittings: No | Cup Sizes: 30A-48G and US2 - US48D | Color Range: 14 | Styles: 13

What to Look for When Buying Bras

Material and Fabric

Bras are intimate, so you want them to be made from superior fabric that sits comfortably on the skin. Pay close attention to the percentage of cotton/organic cotton, nylon, and in some cases, Lycra spandex. The 80+ percent range for these compositions will ensure that your bras are extremely comfortable, soft against the skin, and durable when washing. Similarly, satin or silk bras typically have a thinner density and if designed with underwiring and clips, can make them uncomfortable, Thinner materials are better suited for bralettes or non-wired bras for maximum comfort. No matter what composition you go for, be sure to read the care instructions closely before throwing them in the washing machine or dryer.

Cup and Size Variation

Not only are everyone’s busts different but every retailer's sizing is also different. This makes shopping for a new bra somewhat rigorous. The more sizing options you have to play with from a brand or retailer, both in the cup and band size, the more chance you will find a bra that's tailored to your needs. 

Band and Strap Support

While this is truly down to each individual, band and strap support is important for overall fit and comfort. Too tight or small and the band around the body can feel incredibly suffocating and cut into the skin. In the opposite way, if it's too large, the bra can’t provide the support you need. Straps need to be just right, too. Make sure you are able to run a finger underneath the strap to determine the correct fit. Plus, thicker or double straps lift and support the bust more as opposed to thinner or single straps. 

  • How Do You Measure Bra Size?

    “With a measuring tape, firmly measure the fullest part of the bust (usually aligned with the nipples) and underbust (lift the bust and ensure you’re measuring along the bust root) to work out your sizes,” explains Jessica Haughton, the lead designer at Heist. "Always check a brand's size chart to ensure you’re selecting the right fit and size for you, as bra sizes vary from brand to brand."

  • How Is A Bra Supposed to Fit?

    “When it comes to bra cups, the breast should fill the capacity of the cup," says Haughton. "If there's a bulge and the breast is spilling over the cup, then the fit is probably too small. If there’s gaping in the fabric of the cup, then it’s likely to be too big. It’s important to identify not only your bust size but the bust shape, too. Certain breast shapes suit certain cups better. As for the band, this should be snug but not restrictive. Too loose means the band is too big, and too tight means the band is too small."

  • What Is A Demi And Balconette Bra?

    It can be difficult to assess the difference between a demi and a balconette bra. Essentially, the demi bra ("demi" means half-cup in French) provides less coverage with a square neckline, while the balconette provides less coverage with a sweetheart neckline and pushes the bust upwards.

  • Does Wearing a Bra Prevent Sagging?

    No, wearing a bra does not prevent sagging. Bras provide support and eliminate any discomfort you may have either when sleeping or out daily.

  • When Is The Right Time to Purchase A Maternity Bra?

    Your boobs will start to feel full and tender during pregnancy and may find that they start to grow eight to 10 weeks into pregnancy. This is the ideal time to start purchasing maternity bras for additional comfort and support.

Why Trust Byrdie

Byrdie Contributor Nateisha Scott has years of experience in fashion, working with some of the top brands and magazines. Experiencing her own changing body over the years, she has had to search for the best bras that suit each stage in her life. She narrowed down her favorite places to shop for bras, ending up with this highly recommended and trusted list.

Meet the Expert

Jessica Haughton is the lead designer at Heist, a London-based underwear brand. She holds a bachelor's degree in fashion/apparel design from The Nottingham Trent University.

According to our Diversity Pledge, 15% of products in our newly-published market roundups will feature Black-owned and/or Black-founded brands. At the time of publishing, we were not able to find any bra companies from a Black-owned and/or Black-founded business. If you know of one we should consider, please email us at, and we will evaluate the product ASAP. 

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