The 9 Most Pinned Exercises That Work, According to a Personal Trainer

Pinterest is an incredible place to create our “best self.” It’s the ideal platform to house all the things we want to do and what we aspire to be. Whether that’s to cook an incredible meal, try a new outfit or makeup look, or test out some new interior design trend, we can nail it before we do it in the real world. There’s also one other reason why we often use it: exercise. In particular, we like to use those picture-led sheets that give us a “15-minute fat-burning workout” or a “30-day squat challenge.” But how do we know if these actually work? 

The truth is we don’t. We often blindly go along with whatever we’ve read on the internet, hoping that these will yield results. Call us naive, but we tend to think if something has been repinned a lot (like tens of thousands of repins), and then we think that must be a good thing. To actually check if the workouts we’re doing from Pinterest are actually any good, we spoke to Bodyism founder James Duigan about them and whether or not we will see results, as well as a few other tips we picked up along the way.

Keep scrolling for the best Pinterest exercises and why they’ll get results.

Opening Image: Outdoor Voices

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