5 Pillowcases That Will Actually Give You "I Woke Up Like This" Hair

When it comes to prepping for your nightly beauty sleep, you might think you're doing everything right. Your nighttime routine might include a range of products—exfoliators and serums to refresh your face, and oils and treatments to repair your strands overnight. You might also follow universal beauty truths like avoiding sleeping on wet hair, among other things you should never do to your hair before bed. But if you end your meticulous regimen by jumping into bed to curl up with cotton pillowcases, you've missed a major step along your route to becoming Sleeping Beauty.

While you catch your nightly z's, cotton bedding pulls at hair—creating friction that damages your strands and leaves you with split ends and dreaded frizz. Regardless of how you prep your skin and hair for hitting the sack, as soon as your head touches down on your pillowcase, you begin undoing your efforts. But fear not, there are ways to protect your locks from loss of moisture and natural oils and prepare them to greet the day sans bedhead.

Keeping scrolling to see and shop the pillowcases that guarantee to save your strands and have you waking up to better hair.