The Best Piercing Shops for Every Personality (and Budget)

Woman with multiple gold hoop earrings


These days matching piercings are the new take on friendship bracelets. Who doesn’t love a piercing party? Okay, maybe those afraid of needles will read that sentence and want to run the other way… but rest assured we’ve gathered the best piercing shops that suit everyone, from novice to pro-level piercees.

With 20 piercings under my belt (including a microdermal in my wrist… yes, you read that right), you can say I’ve developed a bit of an education on the subject. Over the years I’ve removed a select few (including that microdermal—RIP), but that never stopped me from soaking up every ounce of the experience each time I got a fresh piercing. Observing the piercer’s techniques, asking questions, and, of course, admiring the jewelry kept me coming back for more.

The popularity of piercings isn’t one sided. The rise in piercing salons and jewelry designers who have dedicated entire collections to be piercing-friendly have gained momentum. Plus, having a “curated ear” is a trend that has gained more and more traction. Taking the time to map out the vision you have with your piercer establishes trust and makes the process all the more fun. The bonus to piercings is that you can simply take them out if and when you no longer desire the look. Noncommittal and self-expressive? Sold.

No matter where you’re at in your piercing journey, there is a safe and trusted piercing establishment that fits your needs. From family-friendly salons to designer diamonds and everything in between, the options are plenty. Below we’ve rounded up a list of the best piercing salons that fit every personality and budget.

Best for Budgeting Babes


Studs earscape on purple silicone ear


Studs is relatively new on the piercing scene, but the salon has experienced such growth over the past three years it’s strange to think of a time when they weren’t a go-to piercing destination. It’s easy to see how their popularity came to be. Their collection of piercing jewelry sold at attainable price points and fashionable designs was a rare combination to come by even just a few years ago.

Piercing jewelry categories are broken up by price point, making the selection process less intimidating for those shopping on a budget. You can even opt to be pierced for free with discounted jewelry by a piercer-in-training from Studs’ apprenticeship program at select locations. With a growing list of studios nationwide, you can find the Studs nearest you on their website.

Best for First Timers and Families


Floral hoops from Rowan


Rowan is another new piercing salon to join the industry. What sets Rowan apart is the fact that all of their piercers are licensed nurses. Thanks to their education in the medical field, their understanding of your ear’s anatomy is top-notch. Not only is their piercing process intended to be the “safest piercing experience,” but their line of jewelry fits all needs as well. Rowan’s jewelry is created with ethically-sourced materials and ranges from hypoallergenic earrings at attainable price points up to demi-fine and fine jewelry pieces.

Rowan has established itself as a family-friendly piercing environment, accommodating customers of all ages from babies to senior citizens. You can easily make your appointment online at one of their nationwide studio locations.

Best for Daily Demi-Fine Collectors

The Last Line

Model wearing earrings from The Last Line

The Last Line

The Last Line is the perfect place to treat yourself to that pair of chic, dainty, daily-wear earrings you’ll never want to take off. Fair warning: With a full line of jewelry across categories you may or may not be walking out with a new piercing, necklace, bracelet, and ring to match. The more the merrier, right? With a brand mission to make fine jewelry more accessible, fun, and friendly The Last Line is sure to be a favorite in your jewelry box.

Piercing jewelry at The Last Line starts at $165 and includes the cost of piercing. With locations in New York and L.A., you can email their team to arrange an appointment or simply walk in. Keep your eyes peeled for pop-up piercing events as well. The Last Line hosts both national and international piercing pop-ups throughout the year.

Best for Fine Jewelry and Ear Curating

Maria Tash

Model wearing navel ring from Maria Tash

Maria Tash

Maria Tash is a staple-name in the world of fine jewelry piercing. A cult-favorite among influencers, editors, and celebrities, her reputation for stylish ear curation is unparalleled. Maria Tash set out to establish a luxury piercing experience and she has done just that. With an upscale atmosphere and white-glove service, an experience at Maria Tash is one every devoted piercee should have on their wishlist.

You can say Maria Tash is home to the “curated ear,” with their team of stylists working to create a custom look that’s perfect for each client who walks in the door. Maria Tash’s “forward-facing piercing” technique sets her apart from the industry. The approach takes each client’s individual anatomy into consideration, ensuring the location of your piercing sits at the perfect angle on your ear. Hot tip: Be sure to let your piercer know if you’d like to include their complimentary cryo cooling technology during your appointment to ease any discomfort.

Best for At-Home Service

Pamela Love

Stone ear with jewelry on it

Pamela Love

Receiving a piercing in the comfort of your own home? Yes, please! Pamela Love offers both in-studio and at-home piercing services, truly catering to all needs. Piercings are complimentary with purchase when getting pierced in the studio, while the unique at-home experience is a $90 rate plus the cost of jewelry. Our vote is that the highly-personalized experience of an at-home piercing is well worth it. With her heirloom-inspired designs, an ear stack from Pamela Love is one to be cherished.

Piercings can be equally intimidating as they are exciting depending on your comfort level. For those who would love the support of their home environment and are based in New York, this is surely an experience to have on your radar. You can create your ear-stack story (both physically and emotionally) with this rare treat.

Best for Your Investment Piece

Jade Trau

Woman getting pierced

Jade Trau

Highly-coveted fine jewelry designer, Jade Trau took her services to the next level when she introduced Jade Trau On Tour, a schedule of piercing pop-ups that take place across the east and west coast. Partnering with the critically-acclaimed and buzzed about “gentle piercer,” Soulthundre, you receive a piercing experience that is of the utmost care and consideration.

Jade Trau’s piercing jewelry doubles as a fine jewelry investment you’ll want to keep in your ears well past their healing time, but for the years to come. Piercing jewelry prices range from $380-$2400 across her collection of beautifully designed diamond earrings. Stay tuned to her website for tour dates and special piercing events at a city nearest you.

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