Your 2019 Signature Scent, According to Your Moon Sign

Fragrances are more personal than we often give them credit for. Just think of the way they can evoke memories of places, happy times or people—all with a simple spritz. That’s why, when looking for a new scent, it’s important you find something that fits you perfectly… And what better way to decode your perfume than matching it to the zodiac signs?

There are two ways you can do this, says astrologer and The Signs author Carolyne Faulkner. When looking through this collection of scents, of course, you can go down the traditional route of looking at your star sign. However, she explains, “We’re not just one star sign. We’re made up of so many different signs.” And because your moon sign represents your emotions and inner mood, using it as your guide will give you the most accurate fragrance match.

It sounds complicated, but it’s not. To find your moon sign, click here. All you have to do is fill in the date, time and location you were born. On your chart, you’ll see a small moon which will reveal what your moon sign is. For example, I’m a typical Taurus, but my moon sign is actually Leo. Cue the hunt for a scent that’s soft, delicate and beautifully fresh. Once you know what your moon sign is, keep scrolling to reveal the fragrance that will suit you best. With advice from Faulkner, you can even tailor it to your 2019 horoscope.


Floral Street Black Lotus Eau de Parfum
Floral Street Black Lotus Eau de Parfum $78

You're a pioneer, so anything niche tends to appeal to you. You want something that nobody else will have, which isn't easy when the obscure is so in demand. Floral Street is a good place to start, though. The brand is still relatively new, and, while it's been building buzz in the beauty world, the scents are far from commonplace. Black Lotus is the most unique in the collection. Described as the "classic English-Rose dressed in a black leather jacket," it's a peppery, leathery, rosy infusion unlike any floral we've experienced before.


Glossier You
Glossier You $45

If your moon sign is Taurus, expect this to be a massive year for change. "[Taureans] have Uranus in their sign in March," says Faulkner. "It's an electric planet that will send a lightning bolt into their world, so they're likely to feel a little bit unsettled for a while."

To temper feelings of uncertainty, look for "an earthy or comforting scent that really grounds [you]." Glossier's first and only fragrance is suitably soothing and cocoons the skin in warming notes of ambrette and musk. The brand's founder, Emily Weiss, told Vogue she wanted it to "smell like your boyfriend's neck after he has been wearing cologne for eight hours." Translation: Wildly and wonderfully familiar with a dose of sexiness.


Atelier Cologne Mimosa Indigo Cologne Absolue
Atelier Cologne Mimosa Indigo Cologne Absolue $375

While 2019 is set to be "a year of deeper truths" for Geminis, a fragrance is one place you can still afford to be a little frivolous. Typically, those with Gemini as their moon sign get bored easily and are "the kind of people who would have a bathroom cabinet that's full of perfumes," according to Faulkner. In short, you take a mean shelfie.

Satisfy your love for scents (and shopping) with travel sprays, as Geminis don't tend to reach the bottom of the bottle when they buy larger flacons. Atelier Cologne creates beautiful fragrances (like Mimosa Indigo) that are available in miniature sizes and can be kept in sleek leather casings that look great on Instagram.


Best Fragrance for Cancer Star Sign: Diptyque L'eau de Neroli Eau de Toilette
Diptyque L'eau de Neroli Eau de Toilette $140

It's likely that if your moon sign is Cancer, you've stuck with the same signature scent for years. "Cancerians aren't super comfortable with major change," says Faulkner, "so they try to resist it as much as possible." 

You should embrace these changes, though. "The north node is moving into Cancer, and it's all about karma, clearing up the past and moving on, so now's the time to try something new." In terms of scent, that means looking for "anything that reminds [you] of the sun, like those coconutty perfumes that smell like suntan lotion and make you feel nostalgic."

While it doesn't contain notes of coconut, Diptyque's L'eau de Neroli will trigger old holiday memories, and neroli's cheer-boosting benefits will ensure that every warm, familiar spritz is a joy.


Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne
Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne $140

There are two types of Leos: the shy, strong type and the louder, more attention-seeking kind. If you're the former, you will suit "something classy and understated. The type of scent you can only smell when the wearer gets close," says Faulkner.

Honeysuckle and Davana is delightfully light, veiling skin in delicate floral and vibrant green notes for a scent that's soft, subtle and profoundly happy. Louder Leos will want to team it with the Velvet Rose & Oud Body Creme (£62). "They want a fragrance that says 'look at me,'" so this combo of bright florals and smoky oud will do exactly that.


Ralph Lauren Woman Eau de Parfum
Ralph Lauren Woman Eau de Parfum $64

"People with the moon in Virgo like to be in control," explains Faulkner. "They like things to be very clean and clinical, but actually, this year it would be good for them to let go a bit.

"They need something romantic, floral … the opposite of what they might usually go for. It's time for them to loosen up because, right now, the more they try to control things, the harder it will be for them." Try Ralph Lauren Woman—a heady, sophisticated scent that's boldly feminine and floral, adorning pulse points in deep, addictive notes of tuberose, sandalwood and blackcurrant.


Burberry Her Eau de Parfum
Burberry Her Eau de Parfum $97

Crank up your strength in the New Year. Faulkner warns that the moon in Libra means you "tend to worry too much about what other people think and try to keep others happy to the point of self-destruction."

"This year, Libras need a strong scent—something that holds them accountable instead of something that helps them merge and blend into the background." Burberry's brand-new gourmand is the right kind of attention-grabber. Sweet, stylish and sophisticated, this perfume blends fruity top notes of cherry and raspberry with a heart of jasmine and violet.


Byredo Biblioteque Eau de Parfum
Byredo Biblioteque Eau de Parfum $265

Remembering how powerful you are is key in 2019 if your moon sign is Scorpio. "Venus has just left your sign, so you've been having a ball," says Faulkner. "But now it's gone; you could be on a comedown and you need to get back in touch with your authentic self."

That authentic self is powerful and deserves a scent to match, which is where Byredo's Biblioteque eau de parfum comes into play. Having first gained a cult following in its candle form, the scent is just as unforgettably all-encompassing as a perfume, with gusto-boosting notes of leather, patchouli and peony.


Demeter Grass Cologne
Demeter Grass Cologne $15

"Every moon sign has a ruling planet and [yours], Jupiter, is in Sagittarius until November or December, magnifying the potential of the sign," says Faulkner. "Gone right, this will elevate existing optimistic, prophetic and inspirational traits. Gone wrong, this could make a Sagittarius become quite judgmental." 

To tip the scales in your favor, Faulkner recommends fresh fragrances that take you back to nature, as these will "dial up feelings of inspiration and optimism." Avoid citrus scents and opt for something outdoorsy, like Demeter Grass. It smells exactly as the name implies and triggers those new-season waves of hopefulness we experience in spring.


Tom Ford Lost Cherry Eau de Parfum
Tom Ford Lost Cherry Eau de Parfum $335

"This year is very much Capricorn-led," reveals Faulkner, "and if someone has the moon in Capricorn, they want the finest scent. They care a lot about the quality of products and ingredients." 

Sweet without being saccharine, Tom Ford's new gaudy gourmand releases notes of black cherry on first spray, and then dries down to a heady floral blend of Turkish rose and jasmine sambac. The sumptuousness of the scent, the weighty bottle and the Tom Ford seal of approval all speak to your taste for the finer things in life. Every spritz feels like a luxury.


Chanel Boy Eau de Parfum
Chanel Boy Eau de Parfum $350

Those with Aquarius as their moon sign "tend to like a gender-neutral fragrance," says Faulkner. "[You] don't like to be put in the male/female box so much, so [you're] more likely to choose something that can be shared with a partner."

Her suggestion? Chanel Boy—an aromatic eau de parfum that clashes clean, light lavender with bracing musk and deep sandalwood. Olivier Polge told WWD that his way of working on the scent was "not to try to make a unisex fragrance but really more to dive into men’s fragrance … and to show how well it could be worn by a woman."


MAC Turquatic Eau de Parfum
MAC Turquatic Eau de Parfum $64

Now that your ruling planet, Neptune, has moved in, expect your traits to be in overdrive. "Gone right, that makes you a visionary. You see things other people simply can't," tells Faulkner.

However, you may feel overwhelmed by this sixth sense and try escapism, so you "need a scent that makes you feel okay about your higher vision." As Neptune is the god of the sea, an aquatic scent, like MAC Turquatic, is perfect for this. "It will be a soothing reminder that this life is but a drop in the ocean, so we mustn't spend so much time worrying about things," she says.

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