It Girls Swear These Are the Best Pedicures in NYC

This is real talk: Subpar pedicures are pointless. Indulging in a pedicure is a rare time to treat yourself, which is why a salon's space, service, and vibe make all the difference. We've all fallen victim to plenty of not-so-great pedicures in our day, which means we're that much more discerning when it comes to granting the Byrdie stamp of approval. Call us biased, but we think New York City has some of the coolest pedicure spots around—the It-girl clientele is proof. Therefore, here are seven of the best pedicure spots in NYC that will never leave you disappointed.

Sundays Nail Studio

Have you ever heard of a nail salon that doubles as a meditation center? Oh, and we should also mention that it has a book club in the works, too. Sundays Nail Studio takes wellness to the next level and incorporates nontoxic, cruelty-free, and vegan products into all of its nail services. Founder Amy Ling Lin created her line of nail products after realizing that a lot of nail polishes are formulated with harmful, toxic ingredients. As soon as you walk into the peaceful space, the hustle and bustle of the city will quickly fade away. Plus, everywhere you turn, you'll want to Instagram, and who doesn't love a good nail photo for Insta?

51 E. 25th St., New York City

611 5th Ave., New York City

500 W. 33rd St., New York City

Jinsoon Hand and Foot Spa

Sarah Jessica Parker was Jinsoon Hand and Foot Spa's first client in its West Village location. You too can live your best Sex and the City life at this salon that offers magical rose-petal pedicures that are practically life-changing. Seriously though, once you soak your feet in a basin filled with rose essential oil and petals, every other pedicure you've had before won't matter anymore. Its Summer Oasis pedicure is a popular one, too. You dip your feet into warm water filled with mint leaves, cucumber, and fresh peppermint essential oil. Talk about refreshing.

37 Walker St., New York City

56 E. Fourth St., New York City

23 Jones St., New York City

421 E. 73rd St., New York City

Primp & Polish

You need to experience the pedicure garden at Primp & Polish. You'll feel like you've escaped the city in this pedicure sunroom decked out with plants and flowers. The cozy and warm atmosphere will win you over, but the actual pedicures are equally as amazing. Try the milk-and-honey, sea-salt-scrub pedicure—your heels will feel so soft and smooth.

189 Grand St., New York City

845 Manhattan Ave., New York City

172 Bedford Ave., New York City

205 N. Ninth St., New York City

586 Grand St., New York City


If you're looking for a nail salon that carries some of the best brands in the business, Tenoverten is your spot. It has shades for days from brands like Dior, YSL, RGB, and more. Picking your perfect hue from the vast collection of top-of-the-line polishes will be the only difficult thing you'll have to do for your pedicure. The chic and upscale interior is an added bonus.

132 W. Houston St., New York City

112 Reade St., New York City

121 Fulton St., New York City

119 W. 56th St., New York City

Hortūs Nailworks

This nail salon is a hidden gem in the Lower East Side, committed to providing clients with all-natural nail products selected from a small pool of organic polishes—because founder Jane MacColla believes that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. You'll get the R&R you've been looking for from the serene vibe of this plant-filled, sunny sanctuary.

210 Forsyth St., New York City

Haven Spa

Haven Spa might as well be called heaven spa because the magical ambiance of the nail salon is incredible. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it. We're major proponents of its pedicures and highly recommend you try the Haven Foot Renaissance. If the name alone doesn't convince you that your toes are worth it, then you just have to trust that the special blend of algae and essential oils will make you feel like a new person.

250 Mercer St., New York City 

Akiko Nails

Obsessed with nail art? Then try out this salon that specializes in Japanese nail art designs. Other than the neon sign and fun décor, this cool-girl nail salon has a one-of-a-kind vibe you have to experience in person. If you're not that into nail art, you can keep it simple with your pedicure and take in the fun energy of the salon.

135 Eldridge St., New York City

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