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These make eating healthy easy.

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There are so many benefits of eating organic food And having it delivered right to you? That's just one more. Organic food is said to have fewer pesticides, is often fresher, and generally has more antioxidants. To have these meals regularly available, you can opt for organic meal delivery services that bring clean and nutrient-dense dishes right to your door.

For organic food, in particular, meal delivery services can be especially helpful because they often guarantee and vet USDA-certified organic foods. These labels can be tricky to discern in grocery stores because “organic” can come with many variations. To help you pick the right plan, we’ve assembled the best organic meal delivery services that work for different budgets, schedules and accommodate various tastes in foods.

Best Organic Meal Delivery Services of 2021

Best Overall: Green Chef

green chef

Courtesy of Green Chef

Why We Chose It: With simple meal plans that accommodate numerous lifestyles (think: keto, plant-based, etc.), Green Chef is a certified organic company. It takes just three steps to go from ordering to cooking, which is why this meal delivery service ranks as best overall on our list.

What We Like

  • Easy ordering process
  • Ingredients are pre-measured and prepped
  • Different menus for different lifestyles
  • Recyclable packaging

What We Don't Like

  • Family plan lacks variety
  • High shipping costs
  • Some meals have high sodium content

Green Chef partners with farmers nationwide to source sustainable ingredients for its meal delivery service. Its “Green Practices” promise 100% carbon and plastic offset in packaging, USDA-certified organic meals, reduced food waste, and proteins from animals raised with high animal welfare standards.

Here’s how it works: You’ll start by choosing a meal plan, such as keto, paleo, or balanced living, which comes with its own custom meals. From there, you’ll receive a rotating weekly menu and can pick how many people your service will accommodate (options range from two to six). Meals are subscription-based and arrive each week. They can be skipped or canceled anytime.

Each Green Chef box comes with pre-measured and prepped ingredients paired with recipe cards that include step-by-step cooking instructions. Meals are color-coded as well so you’ll know which ingredients go with which recipes. Most dishes are ready in less than 30 minutes.

Pricing starts at around $12 per serving for a two-person box containing three meals. It can then go up based on which plan you choose, how many people you’re feeding, and the number of meals you’ll receive. Shipping starts at about $9 for the smallest box and also goes up based on order size.

Best for Flexibility: Fresh n’ Lean

Fresh n’Lean

Fresh n’Lean

Why We Chose It: Six widely different meal plans make Fresh n’ Lean’s meal delivery service one of the best for flexibility. By using organic produce from local farms paired with grass-fed and pasture-raised beef and poultry, this company promises fresh foods with every meal.

What We Like

  • Variety of meal plans
  • Free shipping available nationwide
  • Dishes are easy to make
  • Uses grass-fed and pasture-raised beef and poultry
  • Accommodates specific diets

What We Don't Like

  • Some users report certain meals are bland
  • Runs on the pricier side
  • A la carte items are only available as add-ons to meal plans

Fresh n’ Lean offers complete meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are gluten-free and certified organic. From paleo to low-carb, each plan comes with a preset menu that promises a healthy variety of foods also geared to help people achieve their fitness goals. The company even offers a protein-plus plan for athletes or individuals looking to up their protein intake in healthy ways.

To begin, you’ll pick one of six plans and mark off which meals you’d like delivered (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner). You’ll also be able to choose a five- or seven-day plan. From there, you can note any allergies or ingredients you’d like excluded from your meals. An option will pop up giving you a chance to add healthy snacks like almonds to your order.

After setting up your plan, you’ll pick a delivery date that works for you. A box of meals then arrives each week, but you’ll have the option to pause, skip, or cancel weeks, or change your service to biweekly if needed.

Individual meals cost about $8 to $11, depending on whether you’re choosing a carnivore or plant-based plan. Shipping is always free, and Fresh n ’Lean generally includes welcome offers for new customers.

Best for Busy Schedules: Daily Harvest

daily harvest

Courtesy of Daily Harvest

Why We Chose It: Perfect for busy individuals on-the-go, Daily Harvest provides easy-to-make dishes that are crafted from 95% organic ingredients. With both full meals and snacks, Daily Harvest comes with a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.

What We Like

  • Diverse smoothie menu
  • Coffee and sweet dessert options
  • Meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Sustainable packaging

What We Don't Like

  • Some smoothies can be high in calories and fat
  • Not always clear about meals that contain caffeine
  • No meat options

Daily Harvest is an organic meal delivery service with non-traditional menu items, like smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads, and even healthy ice creams. Designed for busy individuals who need to whip up quick foods, the plant-based menu contains a mix of full meals, snacks, and drinks for any time of day.

To start, you’ll choose a plan with nine, 12, or 24 items and how often you want them delivered (weekly or monthly). From there, you can mix and match more than 80 choices like soups, oat bowls, lattes, and protein bites.

All items are no-bake and ready in a matter of minutes. Daily Harvest’s smoothies, for example, come in pre-measured cups that just need to be filled with milk or water before being placed in a blender. Smoothies also contain a mix of fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and sometimes nuts.

Prices vary based on which items you select, but all items cost roughly $6 to $9. Since Daily Harvest doesn’t come with a pre-set menu and is a la carte, your total price will depend on your order. Shipping is free, and most new customers can take advantage of good welcome offers.

Best for Plant-Based Diets: Veestro



Why We Chose It: Serving up 100% plant-based meals made with organic ingredients, Veestro offers a la carte, build-your-own boxes. All foods can be filtered with dietary preferences like soy-free, nut-free and low-calorie, making this a good option to consider for more specific diets.

What We Like

  • Menu items have rating system
  • Kosher menu option
  • Plant-based varieties of comfort foods like pizza
  • Offers optional plan for weight loss
  • Purchases can be one-time or subscription

What We Don't Like

  • Smallest available box is 10 items
  • No options for carnivore-based diets
  • Limited breakfast options

Veestro offers 100% plant-based meals free from meat, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs, and honey. Ideal for vegetarians and vegans, this meal delivery service includes items a la carte or has an optional weight loss plan with a pre-set menu. The company promises to include 96% organic ingredients.

You’ll begin by selecting the a la carte or weight loss plan. For a la carte, you’ll be able to choose a box size (between 10 to 30 meals) and fill it with items of your choice. Meanwhile, for weight loss, you’ll pick a 5- or 7-day plan that comes ready with its own menu. 

A mix of breakfast options like burritos, scrambles, and pies combine with more than 40 lunch and dinner entrees in this meal delivery service. With ingredients selected and prepared by chefs, Veestro claims to use plants produced on organic farms that are certified non-GMO.

Veestro’s a la carte plan starts with meals at about $12 each in a 10-item box, going down in price to about $10 per meal for a 30-item box. The weight loss plan, on the other hand, starts at around $176 for five days of meals and includes free shipping.

Best for Variety: Sunbasket



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Why We Chose It: Sunbasket sources its ingredients directly from farmers and is USDA-certified organic. It promises organic produce and clean ingredients in its diverse meal delivery service, which has one of the bigger varieties of meals available on the market.

What We Like

  • Ingredients sourced directly from farmers
  • Wide variety of food choices
  • Offers healthy snacks
  • Option to select meals that you can cook yourself or heat up
  • Money-back guarantee

What We Don't Like

  • Some menus are pricey
  • Portions can be small
  • Doesn’t ship to all states (excludes Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Montana, New Mexico, and North Dakota)

Sunbasket’s robust meal delivery service accommodates a wide range of dietary needs and preferences, such as carb-conscious, Mediterranean, pescatarian, and diabetes-friendly. The company promises to use organic produce, responsibly-sourced meat and seafood, and house-made sauces and spice blends in its meals. Plus, it partners with farmers to source their food.

Sunbasket gives you the option to select meals that you can cook yourself, with the ingredients and instructions included, or ready-to-heat dishes that are done in less than six minutes. Its flexible, weekly subscription plans offer both full meals and snacks.

Prices start at approximately $12 per serving for a two-person plan and around $10 per serving for a family plan. There is also a roughly $6 delivery fee each week, but Sunbasket usually has cost-saving welcome offers.

Meal delivery services offer the convenience of having food delivered right to your door while saving you time, money, and energy. For those who eat organic, meal delivery services also save the extra step of sifting through different organic labels at grocery stores and trying to figure out what organic really means.

These five meal delivery services made our list because they provided nutritious foods, subscription flexibility, and accommodated a variety of dietary needs and preferences. Many services were USDA-certified organic, helping gain our trust in their programs. We also picked services that focused on sustainability and used recyclable packaging where possible, like Daily Harvest and Sunbasket. But at the end of the day, the choice depends on your priorities and needs.

What Are Organic Meal Delivery Services?

Organic meal delivery services are online shopping platforms that deliver organic dishes right to your door. They are often subscription-based and arrive on a weekly basis, with meal plans and options that can be customized to your liking.

How Much Do Organic Meal Delivery Services Cost?

Organic meal delivery services will vary in cost, but most start at about $6 per meal and go up to roughly $12 per meal. Your subscription plan and tier of service will play a role in lowering or raising costs as well, with more meals ordered per week generally resulting in lower per-meal costs. While some services offer free shipping, others have a small shipping fee that varies from roughly $6 to $9 per order. Many also come with welcome offers or incentives for first-time customers.

How Do I Pick an Organic Meal Delivery Service?

Pick a service that works best for your individual lifestyle. Consider your budget, dietary requirements and level of organic interest (for example, think about whether you’re looking for items with 70% organic ingredients or 90% organic ingredients). You’ll also want to consider whether you prefer to cook your meals, or if grab-and-go meals are better for your schedule.

Why Does Organic Matter?

Organic foods have been linked to lower levels of allergies, increased antioxidants, and stronger immune systems. For health-conscious individuals, eating organic can be a good way to meet personal dietary goals. Organic foods are also attractive to those who value animal welfare and sustainable farming.

How We Chose the Best Organic Meal Delivery Services

We selected the best organic meal delivery services for our roundup based on cost, user satisfaction, sustainability, subscription flexibility, and organic certifications. Our other criteria included meal plan customization, use of clean ingredients, and menu variety. Finally, we considered how easy and convenient these services were for busy individuals.

Other services we considered were Purple Carrot, Factor, and Plated. They didn't make the cut because we felt the ones on this list had better meal variety and user satisfaction ratings. Some users reported a lack of flavor as well, which helped us gravitate towards other companies where taste was a highlight for customers.

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