These are the 29 Best Online Vintage Clothing Shops

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Let’s face it: Fast fashion is slowly losing steam, and we can happily thank thrift stores and vintage apparel for that. While it’s definitely not a new concept, it has paved the way for garments from the past to take center stage in our current closets. The vintage revival has made its way to celebrities and social media stars, and become the most unique, exciting, and price-accessible way to bring joy (and sustainability) back into our clothing. Vintage has not only made it easier to become a more conscious buyer; it has also defined who we are (and what we project to the world) when we leave our houses every day. 

When buying used, it can be hard to know where to start. The obvious answer could be hitting up your local town thrift. However, with the rise of shopping apps, a lot of places are heavily picked through and there’s way more to browse online. Because everyone could use a little help now and then, we scoured the internet far and wide to bring you what we consider to be the best of the best in vintage, thrift, and everything in between.

Online Only

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We stumbled upon Berriez when it first began, and founder Emma Zack has a knack for fashion, mixing prints, and putting unique pieces together. This size-inclusive online shop not only has amazing graphics, it’s prices are almost too good to be true. Sign up for their newsletter for frequent editorials with to-die-for pieces and sales that are pretty hard to beat. What’s not to love about that? 

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Shop Journal Vintage

Philadelphia-based Shop Journal Vintage is no rookie when it comes to selling vintage. Formerly a merchandiser for Urban Outfitters (she specialized in the store's vintage section), Laura Cerri took her creative eye and poured her know-how into this small vintage business. Cerri not only re-works some of the pieces, but also works with other vintage retailers to bring unique offering you definitely won’t be able to find anywhere else. Laura styles and models most of the pieces, so you know she’s a die-hard fan. Looking for a dress that will make you look like the most beautiful cupcake? This is the spot for you. 

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Remember that time North West wore a tiny corset dress? You can thank Yard666sale for that. Based in Canada, this brand re-works old t-shirts into loveable, wearable. Yet, it's somehow all still accessible to wear. With a fabulous Instagram to match, this website tailors to all of your reworked vintage needs. T-shirts with embroidered demon faces and Sailor Moon shorts included. 

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Second Cousin Vintage

With an incredibly cool website, it’s hard to leave Second Cousin Vintage empty-handed. The selection of pieces from the early aughts mixed with designer finds reminds us why we shop in the first place. Looking for an early 2000’s Chloé top or those Lacroix pants you thought you couldn’t find anywhere? Pieces like that are available and in perfect condition here. If you’re lucky, you can even score something from their bargain bin. 

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O. La Roche

Because the curation and styling on the O. La Roche website are so good, it’s hard not to want everything you see as you scroll. Another fun thing (one that makes your life so much easier) is there are full outfits put together, so you can really get a sense of how their vintage pieces look with various shoes or pant styles. They even have a "visuals" portion to their website where you can see other people in their clothes for more inspiration (and a better idea of fit and fabric). That, and ogle over a perfectly put-together mood board.

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Subrina Heyink Vintage

A personal favorite, Subrina Heyink Vintage, is an awesome website to check out at least once a day—they are constantly uploading new, small designer pieces mixed with a curation of beautiful photoshoots. Black-owned and a favorite among New Yorkers, the shop even has a bi-monthly story sale on their Instagram page. Stylist and founder Subrina Heyink is a fashion icon we wish we knew IRL. 

Online + IRL

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James Veloria

James Veloria not only has the coolest website, but they also have a newsletter you can sign up for and a beautiful store at the Chinatown Mall in NYC. Featured in pretty much every "in-the-know" magazine, the duo who started the brand is known for their curation of vintage and contemporary designer goods. They have everything from that vintage Prada bucket hat you’ve been eyeing to that CDG dress you thought only existed on the runway. Did we mention they also sell men’s vintage? If you’re in New York, going to the store is an experience in itself. If you can only shop online, browsing the website is the perfect cure for winter blues. 

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The Break

If you’re looking for the perfect suiting (amongst so many other things), The Break is the spot for you. They not only have the store divided into sections based on color palette (!!!), the prices are affordable and the playlist is always good. Not to mention, everyone who works there is helpful, kind, and wildly knowledgable. Founder Hannah Ritchman specializes in all things fabulous—she even put on Fashion Week shows near their space in Greenpoint each season. Book an appointment at their studio over on their website.

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The Corner Store

Things quickly sell out on The Corner Store’s website, and it’s probably because it’s unlike any other vintage store. It’s a palace. Each piece on their website has its own special name, and, in my opinion, they sell quickly because of how well they're styled. Whether you’re going for Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face vibes, or something more sultry, or more '80s-inspired—you won’t believe the special things you'll find. Founder and stylist Stacey Nishimoto is a true legend on the fashion scene. 

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NXC Vintage

Modeled and styled by founder Avry, NXC Vintage is the North Carolina-based vintage shop we always knew we needed. The size-inclusive, Black-owned site lets shoppers browse and buy vintage from the comfort of their own homes, with flare. It’s hard not to buy from this site because their prices are incredible, Avry looks amazing in all of the clothes, and the styling is 10/10. 

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Raggedy Threads

Raggedy Threads is one of those stores we wish we could live in forever—but since we can’t, we're glad they have a website. Located in both Brooklyn and L.A., this iconic spot for vintage workwear and denim offers racks of patched-up '50s Levis and navy blue coverall suits, among so much more. If you can’t get to either store, check out their website, where they have tons of incredible graphic tees, socks, hand-embroidered beanies, and store-branded mugs. 

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The Cat and the Cobra

Every piece in The Cat and the Cobra is special. Even founders Casey and Eric think so. Based in Northeast Minneapolis, the two friends opened shop after years of working in more corporate environments. Specializing in '70s, '80s, and '90s vintage, it’s hard to leave this shop empty-handed. We recommend following them on Instagram as well—because pieces on their website sell like hotcakes. 

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Front General Store

Front General Store is one of those shops we wish existed in every neighborhood. It smells good, extremely comforting to be in, and it’s hard to leave without finding at least 10 cute things. Based in Dumbo, their selection of men and women's vintage is unlike any other. They have tons of vintage levis, even more graphic tees, and a home goods section that makes us want to reorganize our apartments. They even have a jewelry section that leaves us dreaming about the finer things in life. 

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9th Street Vintage

9th Street Vintage is a magical place. It's like a cozy cottage with the best selection of vintage dating back as far as the 1860s. Pieces are in perfect condition, and they have an incredible selection of jeans for all bodies. Their mission is all about living more sustainably through vintage—and they do it in the best way. This shop is a beautiful place to make a memory while finding a piece absolutely no one else will have.

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Stella Dallas

Stella Dallas doesn’t have a website, and that’s only one of a million reasons why their shop is so special. You really have to step inside to surround yourself with the incredible archive of jeans, dresses, shoes, jewelry, quilts, and everything in between. If you’re in Brooklyn, we recommend checking this store out. You’ll leave feeling like you just took a trip back to the '60s (and didn't spend a ton of money in the process).

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I Am That Shop

I Am That Shop focuses on curating well-priced vintage and indie designer treasures. Perfectly styled and size-inclusive, this shop consciously wants to make the buyer a more thoughtful and stylish person—whatever that means to you (fashion is subjective, right?). Pieces sell out fast, but their site is frequently updated with fresh vintage you'll keep in your closet forever. Did we mention they have a killer shoe and home section too? 

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Blk Market Vintage

Specializing in antiques and Black cultural artifacts, every piece from Blk Market Vintage is a collectible. Based in Brooklyn and online, this shop has vintage tees, pins, and books to add to your ever-growing collection. Founders Kiyanna Stewart and Jannah Handy have a knack for finding and preserving vintage that is special and thoughtful. As cultural historians and vintage curators, these two have spurred and continued the conversation about the importance of preserving, documenting, and supporting Black history.

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Procell Vintage

All the cool kids shop at Procell Vintage, and upon entering their store, it’s easy to see why. Vintage oversized t-shirts, hats, and ephemera adorn the walls, all while an inticing playlist fills your ears. Unfortunately, this spot is IRL only, but every now and again, they upload something to Depop we can't live without. If you’re lucky, you can catch an art show at their sister space, located next door. If not, you can still find that Fendi logo bucket hat you saw on someone once and have dreamed about ever since. 

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Eveliina Vintage

If we could wear one thing for the rest of our lives, it's a dress from Eveliina Vintage. Available online only, they are occasionally seen doing pop-ups in Miami and with A Current Affair. Modeled and styled by co-founder Emilia M, these carefully put together pieces are sure to brighten up any closet—everything is special and one-of-a kind. Every time they post new pieces to Instagram, we get heart eyes.

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96 Tears Vintage

96 Tears Vintage is the best vintage you can find in all of Toronto, Canada. According to insiders, they offer one of the largest ranges of vintage from the '90s in town. Their website is coming soon, so in the meantime, you’ll have to shop curbside at their fabulous location or on Instagram. They have some pretty fun photoshoots to look at while you dream of that three-piece suit with cat-eye sunglasses. 

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Real Life As Liv

Ever wish you could dress like '90s Julia Roberts? Real Life as Liv is here to help with that—and it’s hard to find another Depop as perfectly put together as this one. Dresses with poofy sleeves and Prada as far as the eye can see fill the page, making it fancy, but still cool.

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Trust Fund Goth

From the page, to the captions, to the selection of out-of-this-world pieces, it’s hard not to love Trust Fund Goth. We’re not joking when we say this Depop has an iconic collection. Think Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood pieces you can wear daily.

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Kiko Vintage

A queen both on Instagram and Depop, Kiko Vintage's Ari Kiko has managed to make her page one of the most popular on the app. Her vintage pieces are not only in pristine condition; they are few and far between from what we’ve seen while on our search for the best vintage. That Chanel beach print dress from their 2002 collection? We’re pretty sure she’s acquired and sold more than one.

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Zeros Vintage

We know how popular vintage rock tees are, so we had to include Zeros Vintage. For those who can never have too many Lou Reed band tees: You’ll find a collection of oversized fits, rare finds, and comfy, well-worn pieces.

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Patty Wack Vintage

Patty Wack Vintage is among our favorite vintage Etsy accounts. This queer and Black-owned business not only has incredible inspiration on their Instagram, but they also have a perfect selection of genderless (which all clothes should be) pieces dating back to the '60s. You won’t want to miss out on this page. 

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Nostalgia Boutique

Nostalgia Boutique makes us feel like we're at a '50s dinner party with all the fixings. This Black-owned, Virginia-based page is home to preserved pieces for when you’re looking to play dress up and take outfit shots. To say it's full of joy is an understatement. Sequins, florals, and silk are just a preview of some of the gems you'll find.

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Bird In The Chimney

Bird in The Chimney is one of those shops you stumble upon when you’re looking for an "it" piece. Pages and pages of goodies fill this Etsy page, so it’d be to leave without finding at least one favorite. Did we mention they have accessories for the home as well? 

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Detour Vintage

We simply can't get enough of vintage jeans, and thanks to Detour Vintage, we’ve been able to fill the void. Looking for a specific fit and style? If you join the mailing list, you have access to first dibs when they restock. Their vintage jeans are already well-traveled, but they can still definitely make the journey into your closet. 

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La Vie Couture Vintage

La Vie Couture Vintage has us dreaming of that party scene in Roman Holiday. Their selection of '30s gowns reminds us why we want to get dressed in the first place.

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Awoke Vintage

With three locations in Brooklyn (two in Greenpoint and one in Williamsburg), Awoke Vintage offers the vintage clothes and accessories of your dreams. If you're outside of New York, but located within the U.S., you can also shop their Instagram page. Be quick, though—their stuff goes fast.

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