The Best Online Personal Trainers to Help You Get Fit Wherever

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Best Online Personal Trainers

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When it comes to your fitness journey, there are many roads you can take to reach your goals. Many of us try and create our own workout plans in order to lose fat, build muscle, and decrease stress, but if you’re looking for routine and visible results, you might want to consider investing in an online personal trainer. 

With extensive knowledge about fitness and health and expertise, an online personal trainer can help you hone in on exercises and routines that fit your schedule, lifestyle, and personal goals. Below, you’ll find the best online personal trainers to meet your needs. 

Best Online Personal Trainers of 2022

Best Overall: Jenn Cino

Jenn Cino

 Jenn Cino

Why We Chose Her: When it comes to training with Jenn, it’s all about hormone-health and cycle-syncing your workouts for maximum results. We love that she takes your menstrual cycle into consideration when creating a workout plan for you. 

What We Like

  • Workouts are synced around your period
  • You’ll learn how to maximize the time around your monthly cycle
  • Programs include meal plans and workshops
  • One-on-one and community support

What We Don’t Like

  • You’ll have to wait until the next program begins for one-on-one training

According to Jenn Cino, your cycle is your superpower and you should be catering your fitness routine and meal plans around your phases.

The Canadian-based certified personal trainer, hormone specialist, and nutrition coach hosts fit.period. programs, which last 26-weeks. There, you’ll first learn everything there is to know about the four phases of your menstrual cycle, and why it’s such an important aspect of your fitness journey.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll dive into your customized workout routine. Jenn will create a workout plan for you each month (six months in total) and will take into account your fitness goals and which phases of the cycle you’ll be in each week. Each phase requires different exercises.

For example, you’ll be doing more HIIT workouts or strength training during your ovulatory phase and light exercises or just resting and recovering during your menstrual phase. The workout routine will include multiple sets of movement, where there are pre-recorded videos to show you how to nail the specific exercise or lift every time. If your cycle is inconsistent, don’t fret: Jenn will work with you to try and get your period back on track. 

Best for a Body-Positive Fitness Approach: Lauren Leavell

Lauren Leavell

 Lauren Leavell

Why We Chose Her: Lauren takes the intimidation out of working out and living a healthy lifestyle. All about fitness inclusivity and body liberation, Lauren will work with you where you’re at and guide you gently.  

What We Like

  • Inclusive fitness programs all about body liberation
  • Non-intimidating approach
  • Goal-oriented

What We Don’t Like

  • Does not offer one-on-one classes

A body-positive and motivational coach based in Philadelphia, Lauren Leavell is a NASM-Certified personal trainer. Lauren is all about making movement fun and accessible for anyone, and she approaches fitness from a weight-neutral, body-positive lens. 

For personal training with Lauren, she caters each training session to your individual needs. Her workouts will help you embrace your body and move in a safe and smart way. Lauren is all about not taking things too seriously and would rather you have fun during each session than be in pain. 

For Lauren, it doesn’t matter what stage of your fitness journey you’re on—this fitness journey is great for someone who is brand new to exercise, anyone looking to create a healthier relationship with movement and fitness, or those returning to fitness and looking for a place to start again. 

Lauren also offers fun group fitness classes through her Leavell Up Fitness program. You can sign up to become a member and get access to live workouts with Lauren through Zoom. There are two memberships you can sign up for. The first is the Fitness Sustainer, which costs about $40 per month and gives you access to four live workouts per week and recordings for later use, access to recordings with special guest instructors and educators, and community connection to others in your class. 

The second option is the Fitness Builder membership, which costs roughly $60 per month. Through this membership, you get access to everything that Fitness Sustainer offers, as well as access to live Q&As with special guest instructors and educators, plus the recordings for viewing later on.

Best for a Support System: Miriam Fried

Miriam Fried

 Miriam Fried

Why We Chose Her: We love how encouraging Miriam Fried is when it comes to body positivity—she’s a trainer who will have you comparing yourself to nobody else but you and your progress.

What We Like

  • Body positivity 
  • One-on-one training during each session (virtual)
  • Facebook group for accountability and support

What We Don’t Like

  • You’ll be part of the MF Strong program, which means you could be paired with a separate trainer other than Miriam

Miriam Fried is an ACE-certified personal trainer with more than five years of experience working one-on-one with clients. She’s the founder and head trainer of MF Strong, which is an online and in-person training service based in New York City. What stands out about her: Miriam focuses on body positivity and encourages clients to see fitness as fun and empowering, rather than a form of punishment.  

The MF Strong group consists of Miriam and four other trainers that Miram has hand-selected to be part of her team. When you sign up for the MF Strong program, Miriam will have the initial consultation call with you and then assign you to one of the trainers (or to herself), based on your needs and who she thinks you’d work well with. 

When signing up for virtual training, you'll have an equipment evaluation to see what you might need to add to your at-home workout space for an optimal routine. If you really don’t have any room to add more equipment to your home, Miriam and her team will create a no-equipment-needed routine for you. 

You will get customized, one-on-one virtual training sessions, where you connect with your trainer in a video call and go through each movement that’s been assigned. You’ll also receive additional workouts to complete as homework outside of your training sessions to help you progress further. 

As part of the MF Strong program, you’ll have an unlimited connection with your selected trainer, as well as access to the #MFStrong Facebook community for extra support and camaraderie.

For private, personal training sessions, contact Miriam to discuss pricing.

Best for an Intense Transformation: Ngo Okafor

Ngo Okafor

Ngo Okafor

Why We Chose Him: Ngo is well-respected in the fitness industry and has extensive experience training celebrities and A-listers in New York City. 

What We Like

  • Impressive training credentials
  • Fast results 
  • Has worked with celebrities and has a great reputation
  • Intense training style

What We Don’t Like

  • Not for those seeking a laid back fitness approach

If you’re looking for a serious body transformation, look no further than Ngo Okafor, owner and founder of Iconoclast Fitness Studio in NYC. A celebrity trainer and sought-after fitness expert, Ngo has trained Hollywood stars including Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, and Brooke Shields, to name a few. 

Ngo’s fitness philosophy is simple: It’s all in your head. According to Ngo, the mind is the most important muscle a person needs to develop to further their fitness journey. He believes that the body is a slave to our minds and will do anything we tell it to do.

Through Ngo’s in-person and virtual training sessions, you'll go through a customized training program designed for your specific goals and use training equipment with bodyweight movements to achieve results fast. Ngo’s training sessions also include nutritional counseling and monitoring. Plus, you’ll get Ngo’s celebrated motivational skills, which help build mental toughness so you can eliminate any self-doubt and achieve your fitness goals. 

Ngo also offers 28 Day Transformation programs that can help you get serious results quickly. The transformation costs roughly $50 for the “28 Days Greater for Her - Home Edition” online program. This virtual program includes training demonstration videos, motivational quotes, nutrition advice with examples of healthy meal options, and more. 

Finding a great personal trainer really depends on your specific needs and goals. Consider picking a trainer who has the same philosophy around fitness that you do, and one who incorporates the types of movements and exercises that you enjoy (or at least can tolerate). For example, you shouldn’t choose a personal trainer who focuses solely on barre and low impact movements if you enjoy cardio and HIIT training instead. 


If you’re relatively new to personal training, looking for someone who is all about body inclusivity. If you need a personal trainer with a more gentle approach, Lauren Leavell or Mike Watkins would be the best trainers for you. 


If you’re looking for a more holistic approach to wellness, Jenn Cino is a great fit, as she helps women embrace their hormonal cycles, offers nutritional counseling, and creates workout plans specifically for you. Jenna Langhans and Miriam Fried are both great options if you need to focus on your form and want to improve your mobility and strength. Finally, Ngo is a winner for anyone who is ready for a serious body transformation and is willing to put in a lot of work to make it happen.

What Makes an Online Personal Trainer Stand Out?

The best online personal trainers are those who create a plan specifically for your individual needs and goals. They are motivating, encouraging, and will be your guide and sounding board throughout your fitness journey. 

Who Should Hire an Online Personal Trainer?

Anyone who is willing to spend a little extra should sign up for online personal training. Getting a one-on-one level of training might help you get the results you’re looking for faster than if you were to set up a workout and diet plan on your own. 

How Much Do Online Personal Trainers Cost?

The price for the best online personal trainers will vary widely, depending on how established the trainer is, their level of experience, and the length of their sessions. A workout with a personal trainer can range from around $45 to $300 for an hour-long session.

How We Chose the Best Online Personal Trainers

We selected the best online personal trainers based on their level of experience, reputation in the fitness industry, and specific expertise. We wanted to include trainers with a range of backgrounds and specialties. We chose trainers who have a more relaxed approach to fitness, as well as trainers who are no-nonsense with a tough-love philosophy, too. We also examined reviews and looked at a wide range of pricing.

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