The 6 Best Online Barre Classes of 2022

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The 6 Best Online Barre Classes of 2021

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Barre classes have become a fitness phenomenon. Taking inspiration from ballet, yoga, and Pilates, these workouts feature low impact, intense movements in a high rep format, with a host of benefits. Hailed as an all-in-one class to strengthen, tone, align and increase flexibility across the entire body, barre has become a popular at-home workout, given the limited equipment and space it requires.

While some classes focus purely on body weight, others incorporate light weights, sliders, resistance bands, and even exercise balls. The barre itself promotes balance and core work, challenging the body each and every time.

These classes are not reserved for the nimble and flexible. Everyone, no matter their fitness level, shape, and size, can join. Barre’s cult status owes much to its inclusion factor, which has seen thousands globally flock to the barre to squat pulse in unison. With this in mind, here are the best online barre classes.

The 6 Best Online Barre Classes

Best Overall: Physique 57

Physique 57
Physique 57

Why We Chose It: Physique 57’s workouts are diverse enough to keep it fresh daily, and are perfect for newbies to the advanced, including the time-crunched or those who want to mix it up with HIIT, dance cardio, and more.

What We Like:

  • A wide selection of on-demand, livestream, and Instagram classes
  • Intuitive on-demand platform searchable by trainer, length, and class type
  • Affordable monthly subscription

What We Don’t Like:

  • Live classes are pricey
  • Reviews highlight some technical hiccups within the app

A regular haunt for celebrities across the U.S., Physique 57 has earned its reputation as a swanky barre studio that delivers on every front. With its on-demand workouts, you can filter, scroll, and select from a diverse catalog that includes body sculpting, core lab, and recovery, with new releases added all the time.

Every option delivers expert trainers and challenging workouts with a series of interval overloads using bodyweight, cardio, strength, and core exercises to push your body toward visible goals.

With costs between $28 and $40 for an in-studio class (depending on location), the on-demand option is a bargain in comparison, starting at $25 per month. There is also an annual subscription for $250, which essentially gets you 2 free months per year.

New clients can get four livestream power, sculpt, or core classes for $40, or join Instagram Live classes for $23 each.

Regardless of which offering you choose, you'll get a 7-day free trial.

Best for Budget: Exhale On Demand

Exhale on Demand

Exhale on Demand 

Why We Chose It: Exhale stood out for its overall value, price, and diverse range of classes that cater to everyone.

What We Like:

  • Affordable monthly options for on-demand and virtual membership
  • A dynamic range of workouts
  • Classes for all levels and session lengths

What We Don’t Like:

  • Reviews highlight technical problems within the app
  • Must purchase the annual subscription for a lower monthly price

As a brand, Exhale makes your well-being its top priority with workouts made to balance the body from the inside and out. Bodyweight Barre, Upper Body Blast, HIIT + Barre(less), Band Barre Burn, Total Body Barre, and Zen Flow Chill are just a few of the classes offered on its on-demand platform, most of which require minimal equipment.

Exhale offers a series of barre-centric workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced clients, workout plans and programs, and access to the in-studio live recorded classes—not to mention cardio, HIIT, yoga, and even guided meditation to round off a session. New content is added on a weekly basis, so you'll never be bored.

Take advantage of Exhale's 14-day free trial, and then decide on a plan. Exhale on Demand is $20 per month or $200 for the year, with another option to simply rent recorded workouts for as little as $3 each.

In the mood for a live class? Join a daily virtual session, including barre and HIIT classes, for $10 each (first class is free), or pay $50 per month for a digital membership, which includes access to live classes as well as Exhale On Demand.

Best for Variety: Barre Body

Barre Body

Barre Body

Why We Chose It: Barre Body earned a place on our list for its array of classes and customization when it comes to working with your schedule and needs.

What We Like:

  • Wide variety of workouts available, including pre- and post-natal 
  • Members can access programs including challenges and workout series
  • Option to livestream or view recorded classes

What We Don’t Like:

  • More expensive membership relative to other on-demand barre services
  • Mixed reviews of the app with reports of technical glitches

Based in Australia, Barre Body offers Livestream, Livestream Replay, and more than 300 on-demand videos that provide an in-studio feel.

Featuring barre, yoga, Pilates, cardio, and more, content is refreshed weekly to keep you on your toes. And, given the time difference between Australia and the rest of the world, the Livestream Replay offers a real-time solution for many U.S. residents, so you'll never miss a workout.

Classes can be drilled down by routines based on category, focus, level, duration, and more, to tailor each workout to your mood and goal—and to match your weekly schedule. If you thrive when being challenged, Barre Body has you covered with a collection of videos targeting specific goals, whether you want to improve your flexibility or reset.

Overall, Barre Body provides an extensive database of workouts on a seamless platform with a 7-day free trial period. After that ends, you can pay $40 per month, $105 for a 3-month membership, or $360 billed annually.

Best for All Levels: The Bar Method

The Bar Method Online

The Bar Method Online

Why We Chose It: Classes are suitable for everyone, no matter your age, size, or prior barre experience. With The Bar Method, trainers will help you stay on track with proper techniques every step of the way.

What We Like:

  • Classes designed to tone the entire body
  • As workouts are low impact, there’s a very low risk of injury
  • Excellent range of classes of varying lengths

What We Don’t Like:

  • Signature movements may become repetitive 
  • Some classes require equipment

Developed with input from certified physical therapists, The Bar Method is a highly-formulated barre class taught by skilled and specialized trainers. With a reputation as an industry leader in barre since 2001, its on-demand workout stream provides you with an unlimited library of workouts, so newbies and pros alike can find everything they need.

Labeled as a "method," The Bar Method classes are hailed for being effective in trimming down the whole body, as well as a beneficial conditioning tool to supplement sports such as dance and running.

Currently, the on-demand services offer a 14-day trial period with a monthly cost of $30. Expect workouts targeting the body from head-to-toe, flowing from one signature move to the other, and promoting a longer, leaner body.

Best for Alignment and Strength: The Dailey Method

The Dailey Method

The Dailey Method

Why We Chose It: The brand is focused on helping you find alignment and strength while creating a "compassionate and supportive community."

What We Like:

  • A loyal clientele and community-class vibe
  • Workouts target every muscle group in the body for enhanced results
  • Content extends into the mindfulness space

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited live-streaming classes that are not interactive
  • Monthly membership only, except for special annual offers

The Dailey Method offers science-backed workouts, where the main emphasis is placed on alignment and posture. And, since it's one of the longest-running barre studios on the West Coast— and now across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico—you know you’re in good hands.

Online workouts are taught by founder Jill Dailey and her master teachers and include Dailey Barre, Dailey Fusion, and even Dailey Basics for beginners. Classes routinely push the body, with emphasis on breathing patterns to reset your energy and bring about a sense of calm during moments of stillness.

The Dailey Method offers a 14-day trial for its on-demand services. You can then subscribe to a $20 monthly membership that comes with access to weekly, live-streaming barre classes and more than 150 free videos (think high energy fusion, interval sessions, or a gentle meditation class to settle a bout of anxiety.) The Dailey Method offers ongoing live stream classes in addition to the pre-recorded ones.

Additionally, The Dailey Method offers a free, 21-day Meditation Challenge series of relaxing guided sessions.

Best for Strength: Barre3



Why We Chose It: Whether you want to build strength, achieve restoration, or even combat stress, Barre3 delivers workouts for every focus.

What We Like:

  • A diverse range of workouts across cardio, strength, sculpting, and more
  • Easy to navigate on-demand service
  • Monthly and annual membership packages available

What We Don’t Like:

  • More expensive than other online barre options
  • Some workouts require props

A barre brand inspired by the spirit of yoga and sweat of cardio, Barre3 has a large selection of classes, many of which cater to strength building. With an intuitive site, the brand's curated workouts are grouped into collections, so you can easily choose which class you're in the mood for.

Barre3 is known for combining its fitness-combo workouts, strength-centric movements, cardio, and Pilates into barre-style exercises that bring balance to the whole body.

Following a 15-day free trial, you'll pay $29 per month for unlimited access to hundreds of streamable workouts, ranging from 10 minutes to an hour in length. Plus, you'll be privy to new and updated content weekly, as well as guided challenges that last from 7 to 30 days.

Barre3's on-demand service is streamable anytime from any device. And with more than 150 studios across the U.S., Canada, and the Philippines, there are many of locations for an in-person workout, too.

Final Verdict

Our unique bodies are something to celebrate. For some, toughing it out with an advanced class from The Bar Method, or even a strength-focused class via Barre3, is just what the doctor ordered. For others, an alignment-based session from The Dailey Method could be a better fit. If you’re looking to save on cash, Exhale on Demand is one of the cheapest options; it doesn’t skimp on quality and offers a wide selection of courses. Barre Body, although at the pricier end, has a large catalog and the added benefit of livestream and recorded classes. But Physique 57 is the best overall option based on price, its offering of live and Instagram classes, and a diverse range of classes for every ability.

What Is Barre?

With a focus on building strength in the body from the ground up, Barre channels the mind and body to hold muscles in a specific position for a considerable period of time in order to bring about fatigue. Some classes will focus on the lower body and core, while others will build on strength and cardio endurance. As every studio infuses each class with a flavor of its own, it’s best to sample a few to find what works best for your body.

How Is Barre Different Than Pilates and Yoga?

Barre distinguishes itself from other workouts, such as Pilates and yoga, by incorporating the ballet barre into routines and by introducing classical ballet-inspired movements. While elements of Pilates and yoga are used within specific barre classes—such as a focus on the core and breathwork—barre classes pull multiple elements together. Where Pilates and yoga focus on posture, control, and core, barre revs up the cardiovascular system with exercises to elevate the heart rate for a more sweat-inducing session.

Should I Do Barre Daily?

Some clients are devoted to barre daily, while others prefer to combine classes with other forms of exercise or hit the barre as an active recovery. It’s completely dependent on your goals, fitness drive, and stamina. While exercise is important, it’s also essential to allow the body time to rest and recover between workouts, at least 1 to 2 days a week. So, if you practice barre daily, vary the workout intensities, lengths, and targeted body parts.

Is Barre Effective for Burning Fat and Building Muscle?

Whilst barre is hailed as the workout for sculpting and toning, it doesn’t necessarily have the same metabolic increasing effect of a strength training program. Barre is intended for improving lean muscle, rather than building muscle. In terms of fat burn, while you will certainly burn calories during a barre workout, the sole purpose isn’t to shred fat (like it is with HIIT classes). Rather, it’s meant to sculpt and tone the body.

How We Chose the Best Online Barre Classes

We combed through reviews and prices, and compared the accessibility and diversity of workouts, to bring you the best online barre workouts for your money. If you prefer a live class experience, Physique 57 steps up here with a daily schedule, or, you can work at your own pace with an on-demand library. Both Exhale and Barre Body also deliver above and beyond on this front. The price disparity between the two—with Barre Body being the pricier option—comes down to the added benefit of livestream and recorded classes from Barre Body.

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