15 Beauty Products Every Girl Needs at The Office

Once you enter the working world, there are certain inescapable realities. You will get asked (and want) to go to dinner or drinks, or a straight-up party (work-related or otherwise), right from the office. And when that happens, you’re going to really, really regret not having the requisite beauty staples on hand. There won’t be time to rush back home for a fresh pop of pink on your cheeks, or a volumizing spritz to your flat hair, and you’ll find yourself wishing you were prepared for this.

Whether you keep a stash of products in your desk drawer or in your purse, it’s essential to have some beauty basics at your disposal for unexpected post-work plans—heck, even just for mid-day touch-ups before an important meeting or business lunch. We’ve whittled down the list to the products we’ve needed to reach for time and time again at the office.

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