Calling It: These Are the Best Nail Salons in NYC

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Over at Byrdie HQ, we take trips to the nail salon very seriously. It's such a special time to relax and tend to yourself. We also know that it is not an easy feat to find amazing nail salons. In a big city like New York, which houses too many nail salons to count, discovering the really good ones takes a lot of crowdsourcing, Yelp scrolling, and certainly some experimentation. Walking out of the salon and thinking about all of the ways your manicurist could have cut your cuticles better or done your design differently is a feeling we'd rather avoid. 

So we've got you covered with the best nail salons in NYC that will not disappoint. Trust, the service of the staff, the vibe of the salons, and the designs they offer are top-notch. That said, these places book up fast. If today's your day to treat yourself, we suggest you give one of the below a call.

Scroll on for the best NYC nail salons to book an appointment ASAP.

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Best NYC Nail Salons Paintbox


Fact: Ask a group of It-girls what their favorite salon is, and I guarantee one of them will say Paintbox. The salon has an entire book full of one-of-a-kind designs that are so memorable we can spot a Paintbox mani the second we see one. Even better? You're never without a glass of champagne while enjoying your mani. 

20 East 69th St., New York City 

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Vanity Projects

Best NYC Nail Salons Vanity Projects


Want nail art that'll automatically earn you compliments? Vanity Projects is the spot. Its bold and original designs are not for the faint of heart—you'll seriously stand out with these innovative paint jobs done by some of the most sought-after nail artists. If you want to have more fun with your nails, this place is for you. 

99 Chrystie St., New York City

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Best NYC Nail Salons Glosslab


Another salon known for its insanely good nail art (and in-tune, modern approach to the nail salon experience), Glosslab is everyone's favorite. Real talk: The salon features an array of designs that'll speak to whichever mood you're in. What's more, they're a waterless salon, meaning they've ditched the use of water completely and get brownie points for being hygienic and sustainable.

1 Jane St., New York City
27 W 20th St., New York City
68 Bleecker St., New York City
180 W Broadway, New York City
1206 Third Ave., New York City
207 E 84th St., New York City

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Best NYC Nail Salons Chillhouse


Think chill vibes for the ultimate cool person. Enjoy the low-key comfort of Chillhouse by indulging in one of the brand's signature manicures (it recently welcomed 10 new designs) over a delicious matcha or wine. It's essentially a haven, decked out with a café, nail salon, and massage rooms. 

75 Varick St., New York City 

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Jinsoon Hand and Foot Spa

Best NYC Nail Salons Jinsoon


Loved by celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, this upscale nail salon created by the one and only Jin Soon Choi herself is incredible. Its fresh and airy space will immediately relax you. Not to mention you'll only find quality polishes that'll ensure a top-notch paint job. 

37 Walker St., New York City
56 E. Fourth St., New York City
23 Jones St., New York City
421 E. 73rd St., New York City

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Sundays Nail Studio

Best NYC Nail Salons Sundays Studio


Yes, the salon's service is impeccable, but we can't get over the genius concept of Sundays Nail Studio. It doubles as a wellness center, offering space to hold events and focus groups. Plus, the décor is unmatched—you'll feel like you escaped into a land of zen. You just have to see it for yourself. 

51 E. 25th St., New York City
30 Hudson Yards, New York City

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Akiko Nails

Best NYC Nail Salons Akiko Nails


Akiko Nails doesn't feature just any nail art; it specializes in Japanese design techniques. The artists are trained to make your wildest dreams come true when it comes to your nails. It must be the neon pink sign that just screams cool.

135 Eldridge St., New York City

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Best NYC Nail Salons Bisou


We'll admit it: Décor matters when it comes to good nail salons. If the place doesn't look chic, we don't trust it with our nails. Bisou is the cream of the crop when it comes to its interior, and its nail designs do not disappoint. What's even cooler about this space is it's so intimate—it only has four stations, so you'll pretty much feel like a VIP. 

6 Spring St., New York City 

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Best NYC Nail Salons Tenoverten


Ask a group of editors what their favorite nail salon is and I guarantee you'll hear Tenoverten. Free of traditional toxins most nail polishes have, you won't have to worry about unsafe ingredients. And with several locations around the city, you can always rely on an A1 manicure here. 

112 Reade St., New York City
132 W Houston St., New York City

121 Fulton St., New York City
119 W 56th St., New York City

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Hortūs Nailworks

Best NYC Nail Salons Hortus Nail Works


So many nail polishes are made with harsh chemicals that are dangerous to wear and horrendous for the environment. Hortūs Nail Shop prioritizes conscious products that are all certified organic. The relaxing vibes of this Lower East Side treasure will win you over. Plus, their Instagram is a major source of eye candy.

210 Forsyth St., New York City

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Local Honey

Best NYC Nail Salons Local Honey


Bushwick haunt Local Honey does it all—waxing, massage, and nails—and manages to produce its own product line as well. Get a normal mani-pedi or go for extravagant extensions from one of the in-house artists. Pick up a candle or some palo santo while you're there, too.

16 Wilson Ave., Brooklyn

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Haven Spa

Best NYC Nail Salons Haven Spa


Haven Spa believes that hand pampering is just as important as foot pampering, which is why the Haven Hand and Haven Foot Renaissance upgrades are a must to accompany your usual mani-pedi. The best part? Services don't cost an arm and a leg.

250 Mercer St., New York City

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Jenny Bui

Okay, so admittedly, Jenny Bui isn't a salon—she's a person who owns and operates two salons. But she's Cardi B's now-legendary nail tech, and we would be remiss to make this list and not include her. Both salons are fairly similar and cater to similar clientele, and you can usually find Bui doing nails at the Bronx studio—if she's not across the world working on a famous client, of course. Her motto? "Never too much bling."

Jenny's Spa, 305 E Fordham Road, Bronx
Nails On 7th Ave, 2449 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York City

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Best NYC Nail Salons Paintbucket


Williamsburg-based Paintbucket is exactly what you expect out of a Williamsburg-based nail salon: indie polish brands, free prosecco, and nail art inspired by crystals, animals, and southwestern patterns. Go with friends on a sunny day and soak in the millennial pink décor before taking a walk to the nearby Williamsburg waterfront.

204 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn

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Best NYC Nail Salons pH7


PH7 is another boutique that specializes in natural beauty, specifically 10-free nail polish and sugaring services. Unlike many other natural-only and non-toxic places, however, they have non-toxic gels as well. We know that a polish that lasts more than a week and doesn't kill your nails sounds too good to be true, but you'll just have to check it out for yourself.

227 Grand St., Brooklyn
106 S Oxford St., Brooklyn
374 Court St., Brooklyn

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Yukie Natori New York

Best NYC Nail Salons Yukie Natori New York


Located two blocks off Central Park, the most stressful experience you'll have at this salon will probably be shuffling your feet behind tourists while you try to get to the front door. Inside, you'll find a luxurious and thoroughly modern salon and spa complete with massage rooms, a bar, and some of the best nail techs in the city.

39 W 56th St., New York City

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Marie Nails

Best NYC Nail Salons Marie Nails


At first glance, Marie Nails might look like any other bi-coastally beloved salon—until you realize they have a location in Hawaii, two in Los Angeles, and eight in Japan, too. It turns out that Marie Nails isn't just a salon, it's an empire, with its own professional nail school to boot. No matter what nail style you're looking for, you can find someone to do it perfectly at Marie Nails.

155 Prince St., New York City
166 Elizabeth St., New York City

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Oh, My Nails!

Best NYC Nail Salons Oh, My Nails!

Oh, My Nails!

If the cute designs and easy-to-get-to location don't hook you on this salon, maybe the fact that owner MoMo works with Karlie Kloss, Ashley Graham, and Beyoncé will. No matter your preferred nail style—from simplistic to statement-making—rest assured you'll walk out of Oh, My Nails! a satisfied client.

273 East 10th St., New York City

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Delacqua Salon

Best NYC Nail Salons Delacqua


Delacqua, with its exposed brick and ornate mirrors, feels as much like a movie set as it does a salon. However, they mean business—whether it be hair or nails. The Italian-inspired décor, luxe accommodations, and stellar service will have you feeling like a Renaissance queen.

2027 86th St., Brooklyn

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RounGe NYC

Best NYC Nail Salons RounGe


RounGe is a well-loved salon chain in Singapore and Tokyo, but the brand's only stateside operation is this one in NYC. Booking an appointment online is a bit difficult unless you speak Japanese, so calling is probably your best bet. And with 40,000 types of nail art and design, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

201 East 23rd St., New York City 

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