Calling It: These Are the Best Nail Salons in NYC



Over at the Byrdie HQ, we take trips to the nail salon very seriously. It's such a special time to relax and tend to yourself. We also know that it is not an easy feat finding amazing nail salons. In a big city like New York, which houses too many nail salons to count, discovering the really good ones takes a lot of crowdsourcing, Yelp scrolling, and certainly some experimentation. Walking out of the salon and thinking about all of the ways your manicurist could have cut your cuticles better or done your design differently is a feeling we'd rather avoid. 

So we've got you covered with the best NYC nail salons that will not disappoint. Trust, the service of the staff, vibe of the salons, and designs they offer are top notch. That said, these places book up fast. If today's your day to treat yourself, we suggest you give one of the below a call ASAP. And now for some of their most Insta-worthy salons the city has to offer. 

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