Editor-Tested: 4 Non-Juice Cleanses to Try Before Bikini Season

Juice cleanses had their moment (some might argue that they’re still having their moment). But since their first explosion into the health scene in 2012, women everywhere have realized that sometimes, you can have your juice and eat things too. But not eat just anything, mind you—healthy, carefully-curated and nutritionally rich things, selected and created by nutritionists and health experts.

With that in mind, we couldn’t help but notice a new generation of cleanses quietly enter the scene. These cleanses (or “detox programs”) are much less painful, and involve everything from crisp salads and nutritious smoothies to even a guilt-free sweet-treat (or two). With bikini season looming not too far in the distance, we took it upon ourselves to try out four of the most buzz-worthy ones and report on the results. Water weight was shed, shakes were stirred, and chocolate avocado pudding was enjoyed—suffice to say, we now have an arsenal of alternatives to our standard juice cleanse.  Keep scrolling to read our reviews!