Embrace Comfort and Style This Summer with These No-Show Socks

The best secret accessory.

No Show Socks Bombas

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No show socks, low-cut socks, or invisible socks: whatever you want to call them, they're a necessary and game-changing addition to your wardrobe. No-show socks help you to prevent chafing and blisters underneath those summer shoes you're still breaking in, all while keeping unwanted odor at bay.  They essentially work magic all while going incognito, which is why you'll definitely want to find your favorite pair. Keep reading for 15 of the best no-show socks to shop now, just in time as the heat rolls in and sweat starts to pool in your favorite summer mules.

Idegg Women and Men No Show Socks
Idegg No Show Socks $14.00

This style from Amazon brand Idegg is low-cut but still covers the entire bottom of your foot. It has anti-slide technology, and reviewers are raving. Great for under athletic shoes and with multiple sizes available to fit a wide range of feet, these socks will keep you comfortable no matter how you wear them.

Invisasox Men's No Show Socks
Invisasox No Show Socks $17.00

Not only do we love the descriptive wordplay of the brand name, but Invisasox designed their styles with common overall issues like blisters, odor, and shoe damage in mind—as well as problems people have had with no-show socks specifically. And truly, is there anything more we can ask for?

Sheec Women's No Show Socks for Dress Shoes
Sheec No Show Socks for Dress Shoes $39.00

In addition to the fact that buying a pack gets you four cuts to go under different shoe styles, this brand easily makes our list of top picks because of the size availability. It can be hard to find no-show socks that work if you have larger feet, so hats off (and previously owned socks off) to Sheec for including XL in the mix.

Bombas Women's Lightweight Tie Dye No Shows
Bombas Lightweight Tie Dye No Shows $55.00

If you’re one to smile when thinking about the colorful negligee you have on under your sundress, then Bombas may also bring you joy. This brand's socks come in many bright variations (including this pack of summer-ready tie-dye), all while remaining invisible to those around you and allowing your favorite shoes to shine.

Ninja Sox 4.0 No Show Socks
Ninja Sox 4.0 $6.00

Available individually for just $6 a pair, Ninja Sox is a budget-friendly favorite. The brand recommends washing and drying before wearing, so these no-show socks may not be ones to throw on and go the second they arrive, but the precise fit and practical comfort will be worth the effort.

Darn Tough Vermont Women's Topless Clementine No Show Hidden Lightweight Lifestyle Socks
Darn Tough Vermont Topless Clementine Lightweight Lifestyle Sock $14.00

These no-show socks come with a lifetime guarantee, which is a great sign the brand prioritizes quality. Darn Tough Vermont boasts various styles, cuts, and colors of no-show socks, all made from oh-so-soft and durable merino wool.

Falke Cool Kick Set of Five Knitted Socks
Falke Cool Kick Set of Five Knitted Socks $120.00

These no-show socks really impress us in terms of innovative technology: we’re talking built-in internal gumming to keep from sliding, moisture-wicking fabric, and lightly cushioned soles. Like many socks, Falke's pairs come in packs of five, which means you can keep some in your purse, gym bag, and office drawer and still have a few to spare.

Peds Women's Sport Casual No Show Socks
Peds Sport Marled Ultra Low Liner $8.00

Nearly century-old legwear brand Peds has some remarkable products in their lineup, including their no-show socks, which have pleased fans thanks to their comfortable fit, gel heel grip for slip resistance, and low cut to fit under your favorite sneakers, espadrilles, and flats.

Wander No Show Socks
Wander No Show Socks $16.00

These are champions when it comes to value. With seven pairs in the $16 pack, these ultra-soft socks from Wander take a neutral approach with gray and black color choices, and the thickness is perfect for keeping your feet comfortable on cooler days and nights (or in blasting air conditioning).

Under Armour Women's Essential No Show Socks
Under Armour Essential No Show Socks $30.00

Under Armour can add its no-show socks to the list of things we love about this sporty company. Their invisible socks are seamless at the toes to prevent irritation, and the stretchy polyester/spandex blend keeps feet cool even under the harshest summer rays.

Swiftwick Flite XT Zero Tab No Show Sock
Swiftwick Flite XT Zero Tab $16.00

This is yet another sock that begs us to find the answer to how much technology we can put between our feet and the shoes. Swiftwick’s no-show socks have more coverage than many of the others on this list, targeted ankle and heel support that protects you during quick movements, and GripDry fiber in both the heel and the forefront of the sock, making this the perfect option for exercising.

TeeHee Women's Seamless Toe Topper Liner Socks
TeeHee Seamless Toe Topper Liner Socks $10.00

Some styles of footwear call for a no-show sock with less coverage than the typical just-below-the-ankle cut. TeeHee's breathable nylon material with an embedded non-slip grip provides effective yet minimal coverage, which is ideal for wearing under any closed-toe slides.

Gekks Women's Heels & Wedges No Show Socks
Gekks Heels & Wedges $16.00

If you're on the hunt for a sock you can actually wear with heels, this innovative design could be just the solution you need. Gekks socks are made to lock into your shoe, providing comfort and protection without a second thought. So invest in one for each of your favorite pairs of heels and get ready to reach a new level of balance in comfort and style, whether your plans involve the red carpet or brunch.

Hue Women's Hidden Cotton Liner Socks
Hue Hidden Cotton Liner Socks $16.00

Some no-show socks have such a thin design that brands call them a liner, which honestly can be the ideal situation for summer or certain shoe styles. This is just the case with these socks from Hue, and with rave reviews from dedicated wearers, we can see how the thin material is doing its job.

Jarseen No Show Liner Socks
Jarseen No Show Liner Socks $11.00

It wouldn’t be a complete list without these Amazon no-show socks, which investigative reporter Marian Wang deemed her all-time favorite. The low profile and anti-slip gel technology help Jarseen's socks are some of the best for wearing with flats or heels, and the breathable nylon fabric makes them easy to wear on warmer days.

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