9 Fall Fragrances for People Who Don't Want to Smell Like Anyone Else

There’s something about fall that makes us want to swath ourselves in strictly the softest, most scarf-like fabrics, introduce the word “vampy” into our beauty routine, and trade our breezy summer scents for moodier, more complicated alternatives. We covered some of our favorite new scents to try this brisk transitional season, but for those of you who prefer scents that are a bit more niche (read: will make everyone around you ask, “What are you wearing?” so they can buy it immediately), then you’re in luck. Ahead, you’ll find a bevy of unique, scintillating fragrances for every fancy—from a spice-tinged scent called “Good Witch” to Hermes’ newest burnt ginger-tinged perfume we can’t stop spritzing. Keep scrolling to find your new favorite fall scent (but don't tell anyone else).