6 Weird Health Foods That Are Actually Worth the Hype

It's tough not to be jaded by the revolving door of superfood trends. One day we're hearing about the latest miracle berry pulled from the depths of the Amazon; it promises to shrink our waistline, boost our immunity, give us glossy locks that would make a Kardashian jealous, and possibly cure the common cold. And then by the time we've Amazon Prime-ed it to our doorstep, we're told it's all bunk. The unending cycle is enough to make us want to just face-plant into a bowl of massaged kale and call it a day.

Still, amid the BS and gimmicks, there are some offbeat foods that really do live up to a lot of the hype. Miracle workers they are not (spoiler: nothing is), but their nutritional résumés are nonetheless remarkable—so much so that some of them have even earned endorsements from the likes of Silicon Valley and NASA, in addition to other scientists and nutritional experts. Keep reading to see which superfoods you should really be keeping in your pantry.

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