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The 6 Best New Sunscreens and Self-Tanners of 2023

These picks make it easy to protect your skin—and keep the glow

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You saw the headline for yet another sunscreen story, and I’m guessing you just about rolled your eyes. I get it—we’ve all heard the sun safety spiel enough times to teach the class on it. And full confession: I’ve been known to spread the good SPF gospel too. Ask any of my friends when they took up regular sunscreen habits and it was after meeting me—I’m like the Oprah of sunscreen, passing out samples and proclaiming “I love SPF” at random intervals. 

And while sun safety is important—for your skin now and in the future—I also believe that the secret to creating more SPF devotees is delivering the products they actually want to apply daily. So instead of preaching about the benefits of sunscreen, I'm going to show you six new formulas on the market this spring that have silky-smooth textures and glow-boosting finishes that will convert you. Plus, if you’re wanting a tan without any sun damage, there’s also a self-tanner that gradually adds radiance.

These are the six best new sun-care products launching this spring.

Best SPF Oil: Kopari Sun Shield Body Glow SPF 45

Kopari Sun Shield Body Glow SPF 50 in Rose Gold


Shop now: Kopari.com, $39

Shop now: Ulta.com, $39

Kopari’s best-selling body oil, currently available in a golden glow, launched a rosy shade. The gel is immensely hydrating thanks to a team of botanical oils. The texture reminds me of tanning oil from the early aughts—except this version is protecting skin instead of deep-frying it like a crispy chicken strip. The slightly shimmery oil gives skin a gleaming quality that catches rays and sparkles both IRL and in photos. The original was like liquid gold and pretty on tan to deep skin, while the pink shade highlights paler skin and cool undertones. 

Best Face Sunscreen: Hero Cosmetics Force Shield Superbeam Sunscreen SPF 30

Hero Cosmetics Force Shield Superbeam Sunscreen Apricot SPF 30


Shop now: Ulta.com, $20

Hero Cosmetics changed the game last year with its green-tinted SPF that color-corrected redness while offering broad-spectrum coverage. The latest iteration has apricot and pearlescent pigments, which can blur the appearance of dark spots (think of color theory—orange is the opposite of blue) and give skin a radiant appearance. Many sunscreens leave your complexion looking chalky and matte, but this one brings the glow factor. 

Best Lip Balm with SPF: Cay Skin Isle Lip Balm SPF 30 with Sea Moss and Aloe Stem Cells

Cay Skin Isle Lip Balm SPF 30 with Sea Moss and Aloe Stem Cells


Shop now: Sephora.com, $14

Cay Skin’s Isle Lip Balm released last winter to rave reviews—it was the SPF lip balm for those who hated traditional waxy balms with a white cast. Now, supermodel and founder Winnie Harlow is giving the people what they want with two new shades: Irie Rose, a soft pink, and Bad Gyal Berry, a deep berry. In both hues, vitamin E, aloe, and sea moss combine to offer antioxidants, hydration, and skin barrier protection. (Plus, the added benefit of SPF 30!)

And if you’re picturing a gooey, sticky, lip-smacking mess, don’t worry—this balm is much more akin to a tube of high-shine gloss with a hint of shimmer, which will make lips look plumper. (Lancôme Juicy Tube stans, if you’ve anxiously been waiting for that trend to return, this is your moment to shine.)

Best Body Sunscreen: Vacation Classic Whip SPF 30 Sunscreen Mousse

Vacation Classic Whip SPF 30


Shop now: Ulta.com, $22

Shop now: Vacation.inc, $22

If I discovered a lamp lying in a desert (as one does), I would rub that sucker until my very own wish-granting genie appeared. And when they did, I would use my one wish to ask for a body SPF. Not just any body sunscreen, but the GOAT of all formulas—one that applies easily, hydrates, smells amazing, isn’t greasy, and makes my skin gleam.

We aren’t quite at that elusive no-notes formula, but this one by Vacation gets close. The container, which looks like a whipped cream can, allows the sunscreen to come out in a pillowy cloud of foam. This airiness makes swiping it over large swaths of your body—without a gloopy, too-thick-to-rub-in feel—easier than ever. Also, the scent is the epitome of summer. Developed by master perfumers, the brand describes it as banana, coconut, pool water, and swimsuit lycra, and I’m here for it. There’s a little bit of magic in this can.

Best Sunscreen Stick: Coola Refreshing Water Hydration Stick Organic Face Sunscreen SPF 50

Coola Refreshing Water Hydration Stick Organic Face Sunscreen SPF 50


Shop now: Coola.com, $30

A sunscreen stick is one of the best ways to reapply SPF on the go. (Small soapbox moment: You need to add more every two hours to maintain efficacy.) Swipe the solid form over your face, neck, chest, and any other exposed areas—it’s a touch-free experience. The totally clear, gel-like formula is packed with aloe, coconut water, and hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture too. To sweeten the deal, it’s also made without synthetic fragrances and is cruelty-free. 

Best Self-Tanner: Bondi Sands Skin Illuminator Gradual Tanning Lotion 

Skin Illuminator Gradual Tanning Lotion

Bondi Sands

Shop now: BondiSands.com, $21

If one of your SPF hang-ups is that your skin starts to look a bit dull or flat after missing the warmth of the sun for months on end, a self-tanner is your best bet. While many self-tanners of the past imparted an obsidian bronze—which was often way too dark and left an instant green cast—there’s a wider range of choices now. Gradual tanners are subtler, tinting skin only one or two shades darker over the course of a few days. (And they’ve lost that gross gradual tan scent—IYKYK.) The new Bondi Sands Skin Illuminator Gradual Tanning Lotion also includes shimmer particles for a glow-up in a bottle. Apply it daily like a lotion and you’ll notice sun-kissed, radiant skin after three uses. 

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